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A few words from our previous customers…

{Thank you Kathryn for a very insightful reading, you always manage to connect with my loved ones and pass on their messages.  At this point in time I really needed your compassion and empathy and I was not disappointed.  Once again thank you.
Sarah Yip
{Speaking about The Modern Oracle by Katy-K in her blog post Tarot Card Reading for Beginners – My 11 Favourite Decks Pros: So user-friendly! Small, high quality cards which are easy to shuffle, Australian-designed and my clients love the simple, powerful messages. This is the deck I would give a beginner. Cons: None. This deck will leave you wanting more – I would love to see another series one day.
Julie Hannagan
{A dear friend bought me The Modern Oracle deck. What a fabulous gift. These cards are so accurate, its uncanny! So easy to use and understand. I use them daily!
Susan Oliver
{I always arrange an annual reading and check in as part of my New Year re-set to ensure I embrace all opportunities and stay on track. As always Katy-K is accurate and precise regarding issues that arise and supports me to make the best choices for me so I can live my best life - Thank you with gratitude and love - Susan
Donna Hardy
{I recently had a VIP session with Katy and was feeling really confused about my spiritual path. Katy understood my questions and gave me some very uplifting advice. She helped me realise I was exactly where I was supposed to be on my journey but I just needed to trust myself. I felt really confident after our session and look forward to the next faze of my journey! Katy is a down to earth teacher and very supportive. I feel blessed to have been guided to her! 💜
John & Bronwyn Taylor
{Wow another amazing experience with our reading with Katy, so precise in everything, just blew us away with comments that she spoke about, thanks Katy!
Shafiq Koya
{Usually people scale rate their readings between 1 and 10 but Katy is a singularity and in a class of her own. Katy possesses a variable intuitive aptitude of ability and its crystal clear that Katy is on top of her game. Katy’s reading exceeded my every expectation & the range of her flawless accuracy kept me energised and engaged throughout the entire reading. Katy revealed blockages and issues that were hindering my life past and present and identified the processes I needed to instil, in order to move forward into the future. Katy also scanned my chakra column and cleared the energy meridians and made me feel awesome instantly. Katy adorned my reading with an immeasurable spiritual dynamic that is unsurpassed and world class. I highly recommend Katy to anyone seeking happiness and fulfilment in their lives and wish Katy every success life has to offer.
Mandi Louise
{A very easy to use deck, so many levels to each card, even if you pulled the same cards for 2 people (highly unlikely) the meanings would be different. Have never met a deck like it. It’s my go to.
{Katy-k is gifted and provided me with much needed clarity and enlightenment. I’m so deeply thankful for her reading. Do not hesitate booking a session with her.
Wendy I
{I just love the Modern Oracle Deck. One of my all time favourites. It is one way to also have a good relationship with oneself. It gives you guidance in making changes and decisions that you may be getting stuck on or a personal crisis. Give you the confidence and push to get out of your comfort zone. It doesn't lie. I find so much joy and fascination and entertainment from my Modern Oracle deck. Thank you Katy, you have truly inspired me and brought the best out in me. I still have only just touched the surface of what I still have to learn from you. xxx


the modern oracle book by katy k - amazon #1 best seller

Have you always felt connected to the spiritual world and wondered if you were psychic?

Do you want to know how to tap into your unique psychic powers?

It is time to begin walking your psychic path…

In this must-read book from ‘International award-winning psychic Katy-K’, you will discover the steps to further develop your own psychic powers, how to learn to trust in your gifts, and build stronger spiritual connections.

By sharing some of her psychic ‘secrets’ you will find an easy system of learning, that has produced many professional psychics, now earning an income from their gifts.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Let your exploration in the psychic world begin.

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Katy-K Spiritual Advancement Academy - grow psychic abilities and learn healing techniques

Katy-K Spiritual Advancement Academy


Do you believe you could be a Psychic and are unsure how to proceed?


Are you frustrated and uncertian as to the next step to take in developing spiritually?


Do you want to continue improving and growing your psychic abilities?


Are you wanting to do psychic readings for others, but don’t trust your abilities enough to receive payment for your time?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then the ‘KTK Spiritual Advancement Academy‘ is for you.

Who is Katy K, known as “The Modern Oracle™”?

katy k psychic best-selling author

For more than 10 years Katy K, known as “The Modern Oracle™” has been travelling to England to attend courses and refresh her craft at the Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in Stansted, England.  Katy then brings that knowledge back to teach to the students of the ‘KTK Spiritual Advancement Academy’.  Katy K is the founder of the academy which she started in 2005.  She was on a ‘mission’ to teach easier ways to develop your intuitive gifts and determined to offer ‘one on one’ tutoring, as well as group lessons in an environment where it was safe to take a risk, without risking ridicule. This then enabled Katy K’s students to grow confidently, and their individual gifts to evolve. Katy K truly believes that we all have different gifts, learn in different ways, and it is my job to assist the unfolding of these gifts. Katy K is proud of the fact that she has coached and produced many professional psychics through one on one coaching and mentoring, who have gone on to open their own practice.

In 2015 Katy K, known as “The Modern Oracle™” was awarded the ‘International Psychics Directory’ ‘2015 Psychic People’s Choice Award.’

In 2015 Katy K also published her first oracle deck, ‘The Modern Oracle.’

In 2019 Katy K then went on to publish my second deck, ‘The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils.’  She is thrilled that both decks are unique and proving to be very popular.