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A few words from our previous customers…

{This was my first ever experience with any sort of psychic reading and I have to say it was such a delightful and informative experience. Katy was incredibly warm and personable and made me feel so comfortable. The information that she had insight to was amazing and she really led me to find the clarity and confirmation that I was after. I will definitely recommend Katy to friends and family! Many thanks!
{A huge thank you for your amazing workshops on Saturday (Reading with Colour & Ribbons, Introduction to The Modern Oracle) – My head was spinning when I left … but so well worth it!! Thoroughly enjoyed the card workshop – got my partner to do the 6 card spread the next morning….WOW!! Love these cards!!!! Especially when it showed the relationship area matched in with mine, and all other areas were him to a tee. Was especially good when my intuition finally kicked in and the reading started to flow!
{Katy is a truly remarkable psychic/medium. I had a reading recently and was amazed at her ability. This was not my first reading with her and I have never been disappointed with the outcome. It is always quite an experience (in the best possible way). Thankyou
Karen McCall
{I can highly recommend a reading with Katy. In my experience I have felt so much lighter after the reading, I was searching for some answers and Katy was able to provide clear guidance on the questions I had. I am grateful that Katy is able to share her gift of guidance – Thank you!
{Katy-k was amazing she was so spot on she answered so many questions i didn’t need to ask can’t wait till next time . thank you so very much.
{The only deck I use in my spiritual practice is the Modern Oracle Deck. The words and picture combination is easy to use. I get so many intuitive hits when I use the cards. A simple one card reading gives me so much information. When I do readings for other people, they come back to me with amazing validations and confirmations. A beginner can use the the Modern Oracle cards right out of the box. All Katy’s on-line courses are extraordinary and she goes above and beyond to offer support to the student community.   10/10 would recommend.
{Another amazingly accurate reading. Concise, accurate, friendly and any other positives one wants to add. I have to chuckle typing this.. issue wasn’t to resolve in 2 days, correct, took 3 days for door to open. Lol. Love to you and your amazing gifts.
Wendy I
{I really love my Mandalas done by Katy. I get so much out of them. They have opened up my third eye to see things in it, boosted my confidence, breathing in the colours to stimulate the chakras. They are very relaxing to gaze at just like  being in a meditative state. Thank you Katy. xx
{Just wanted to say it was an awesome experience, and so true to the point, which I was so shocked. My face went numb. I did not have to say anything, I only asked 2 questions at the end. All I can say it was accurate. I wish there was more time, but next time hopefully. Thank you for my reading once again I really appreciated it.
Eniko Szekely
{I really enjoyed my reading with Katy. 100% spot on . Thank you very much for the information you gave me ,it cleared up lots of thing in my mind. Thank you soo much . Eniko


the modern oracle book by katy k - amazon #1 best seller

Have you always felt connected to the spiritual world and wondered if you were psychic?

Do you want to know how to tap into your unique psychic powers?

It is time to begin walking your psychic path…

In this must-read book from ‘International award-winning psychic Katy-K’, you will discover the steps to further develop your own psychic powers, how to learn to trust in your gifts, and build stronger spiritual connections.

By sharing some of her psychic ‘secrets’ you will find an easy system of learning, that has produced many professional psychics, now earning an income from their gifts.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Let your exploration in the psychic world begin.

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Katy-K Spiritual Advancement Academy - grow psychic abilities and learn healing techniques

Katy-K Spiritual Advancement Academy


Do you believe you could be a Psychic and are unsure how to proceed?


Are you frustrated and uncertian as to the next step to take in developing spiritually?


Do you want to continue improving and growing your psychic abilities?


Are you wanting to do psychic readings for others, but don’t trust your abilities enough to receive payment for your time?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then the ‘KTK Spiritual Advancement Academy‘ is for you.

Who is Katy K, known as “The Modern Oracle™”?

katy k psychic best-selling author

For more than 10 years Katy K, known as “The Modern Oracle™” has been travelling to England to attend courses and refresh her craft at the Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in Stansted, England.  Katy then brings that knowledge back to teach to the students of the ‘KTK Spiritual Advancement Academy’.  Katy K is the founder of the academy which she started in 2005.  She was on a ‘mission’ to teach easier ways to develop your intuitive gifts and determined to offer ‘one on one’ tutoring, as well as group lessons in an environment where it was safe to take a risk, without risking ridicule. This then enabled Katy K’s students to grow confidently, and their individual gifts to evolve. Katy K truly believes that we all have different gifts, learn in different ways, and it is my job to assist the unfolding of these gifts. Katy K is proud of the fact that she has coached and produced many professional psychics through one on one coaching and mentoring, who have gone on to open their own practice.

In 2015 Katy K, known as “The Modern Oracle™” was awarded the ‘International Psychics Directory’ ‘2015 Psychic People’s Choice Award.’

In 2015 Katy K also published her first oracle deck, ‘The Modern Oracle.’

In 2019 Katy K then went on to publish my second deck, ‘The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils.’  She is thrilled that both decks are unique and proving to be very popular.