🌕 Full Moon Effects and Astrology


Hello from Katy K

How did you go with this last full moon? It was a doozy! I certainly felt the effects. Full moon time means less sleep for me!

Now I am not an Astrologist but what I have found out about the recent full moon is that it was the first eclipse for the decade.

A lunar eclipse is a powerful full moon phase. There was a powerful energy shift which means that this is the beginning of a brand new chapter and energetic shift.

All full moons are a time of letting go and releasing but this one was supercharged. These energies will likely shed light on the areas you’ve mentally and spiritually outgrown. The most challenging part is that even though these areas are noticed you may not be ready to let go, but it is still best to surrender to it.

Eclipses are catalysts for change. This recent one brings closure and clarity.

As I said I am not an Astrologist, I leave that to my cousin and a good friend. Having said that my son recently put me onto a cool app that gives you a daily forecast. You might want to check it out. It’s called ‘Co – Star’.

Have a happy week.

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