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Calming Vitality & Essential Oil Blends

Recently I was invited to be part of an online essential oils symposium to talk about my latest deck the ‘Modern Oracle of Essential Oils’ and how it could be of benefit to essential oil lovers.

The next request was, would I channel a healing essential oil blend, to share with the attendees of the symposium.

No sooner had the request come through, than the essential oil components of this special blend came through really fast, I mean instantly! Then I heard (as I am clairaudient), ‘Will allow transformation’. 

I was excited and thought I would check out what the ‘Modern Oracle of Essential Oils’ deck had to say about it, and I found it was perfect for times of stress and anxiety.

The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils

The cards had the words ‘self’ and ‘confidence’ in common.  The cards spoke of energising, renewal, calm, clarity, and uplifting.  These would all be attributes of this blend, as well as the energy of the number 6, which is what the cards added up to.

I also found that these oils all had a lot of similar healing benefits.  The four essential oils blended together were going to create an amazingly powerful healing blend, that would be very beneficial in this difficult time of the ‘pandemic’ and the chaos it is causing for a lot of people all over the world.

We named the blend ‘Calming Vitality’ as that is the intention of the blend. I wanted to share this blend with all my followers, so I have pieced it all together into a mini-course on my online learning platform!

This blend mini-cours features an introductory video, a PDF receipe so that you can create this blend at home, plus a PDF of ‘Messages from the Cards’ – which contains the messages from the cards including individual & overall meanings, plus numerology, ‘law of attraction’ meaning & more!

A ‘Calming Vitality’ blend and mini-reading – all in one!!!

This blend & mini-reading is on sale for $10 on my learning platform, but for this month only – you can get it for FREE with this special discount code.

Find ‘Calming Vitality’ HERE & then use coupon code ktk7412 at checkout to get access for FREE! I hope you enjoy this special blend and receive the healing benefits – I’d love to hear what you think, so it would be so great if you could leave a review ❤️

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out my other recent courses

Wishing you all good health
Until next week

Katy K

P.S Thank you to everybody who left a review during June – I loved reading all your positive feedback! We’ve added all these new reviews to their respective online courses, so if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a course, make sure you check out the reviews!

The winner of our June ‘Review’ Competition is Kati B – congratulations! Please contact us via email to book your free 30-min session ❤️

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