A little printing book update ….


Hi Fellow ‘Lightworkers’ 💖

This last week has been so exciting, starting off with my ‘virtual’ book pre-launch on Facebook. A big thank you to Jules and Chloe for their assistance in co-hosting and to all of you who joined us. Gosh, I had so much fun and have received so much positive feedback on how enjoyable and informative the session was. If you missed it, you can check out the replay on my youtube page.

In this newsletter, I am excited to announce the winners of the competition we had for my book launch. Everyone that has pre-purchased my book had a chance to win a prize.


Congratulations to Felicia M, Amanda M & Lesley E who have won Healing Mandalas
Congratulations to Jodie B, Kyla P, & Maryanne P who have won a meditation from my online learning platform!

All winners will be contacted via the email address used for their purchase – so keep an eye out in your inbox!

Now to news about my book that is being printed in Melbourne. Poor Melbourne, they have been in lockdown many times and this means more delays. I know you have all been patiently waiting for my book, and I expected to have received it by now, but then Melbourne went into another lockdown. The new arrival date is early March due to this latest lockdown.

This week I have been busy channelling ‘Healing Mandalas’. I have always channelled ‘Healing Mandalas’ and in the past, it was mainly for family and friends and then friends of friends. They haven’t been my main focus as I have been busy creating other products and working. Since mentioned on my Facebook live on the weekend I have been inundated with many questions.

Yes, they are channelled specifically for you and will only work for you. Yes, you can request the area of focus for the healing or accept the healing that ‘Spirit’ believe is the area that needs healing. There are many layers that can need healing before the obvious issues can be healed. I have posted a few time-lapse videos on social media so you can see them being created.

Congratulations to all the winners.  Your ‘Healing Mandala’ will be specifically created for you!

Sending you blessings.



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When I was writing my book, I felt the need to do a chapter called ‘How do I know if I am psychic?’ Now I believe that everyone is psychic, just some people choose not to acknowledge it.

Wishing you all a great week ahead ….

Gosh, sometimes it feels like everything is happening quicker than usual.

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It has been such an exciting time, this last few weeks. My book ‘The Modern Oracle – How to Tap Into Your Unique Psychic Powers’ was launched last month, with some trepidation, I might add.

🌸 March is all about magenta & transforming ourselves, our relationships & environment…

This month of March is all about the colour magenta, the colour of beauty, love and transformation.

The day has come!! The Modern Oracle book is here!!

Oh my gosh, I am so excited!! ‘The Modern Oracle’ book has arrived!! I was so excited to get the text message from my P.A Brie telling…

A little printing book update ….

This week I have been busy channelling ‘Healing Mandalas’. I have always channelled ‘Healing Mandalas’ and in the past, it was mainly for family and friends and then friends of friends.

Mercury in Retrograde strikes AGAIN!

It has happened! Mercury in Retrograde has struck in a big way! My publisher has announced that my book will be delayed.

✨ Spiritual Confirmation & Creating Habits to Achieve your Goals!

This week I was surprised to find a beautiful dragonfly on my clothesline. I was able to go very close to it, to take a photo. Now, taking a photo was a challenge, as it was very windy…

✨ Setting a plan to achieve your goals …..

Last week I was interviewed by an author in the USA who is writing a book and she wanted my story. She wanted the story of how my gifts developed and how I progressed to the psychic that I am today.

✨  Evaluating my 2021 goals…

How are you going with setting your goals for the year? I don’t mean your New Year resolutions, I am talking about the actual goals that you plan for the year, the ones you would put on your vision board.

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