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Katy-K, award-winning psychic medium and creator of the Modern Oracle deck and books series.

Award-winning psychic medium and tutor Katy-K is the creator of the popular Modern Oracle decks’, and author of Amazon’s #1 Bestselling books ‘The Modern Oracle’ Her teaching academy provides many online courses, and Katy has successfully developed numerous psychics to become professional readers.

Greetings! I hail from Queensland, Australia, proud heir to a lineage of Psychics and Mediums spanning generations on both sides of my family tree. Embarking on a perpetual journey of spiritual growth, I’ve explored diverse corners of the world, attending workshops and spiritual havens to learn from esteemed psychics, mediums, and tutors.

Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom

Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom

Driven by an insatiable thirst for metaphysical knowledge, I also spent over a decade honing my skills at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in England.

As the founder of the ‘KTK Spiritual Advancement Academy’ since 2005, my mission is to simplify intuitive development through one-on-one tutoring and group lessons. I’ve proudly coached individuals who have blossomed into professional psychics.

Adapting to today’s fast-paced life, I’ve modernised my teaching approach with online courses and meditations, allowing flexible learning and coaching over the internet. Honoured to receive the ‘2015 Psychic People’s Choice Award,’ I’ve also created two popular oracle decks, ‘The Modern Oracle‘ and ‘The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils,’ along with the bestselling book, ‘The Modern Oracle – How to Tap Into Your Unique Psychic Powers‘ and ‘The Modern Oracle – Becoming More Psychic – Intimate Secrets To Enhance Your Intuitive Gifts.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website, where you can purchase my decks, book a reading, or enrol in online courses. I’m excited to share the journey with you.



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