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Hi Everyone!

Part of the joy of being a tutor, mentor, and coach is seeing my students grow and succeed. I get to feel and appreciate their excitement and believe me, it is a wonderful feeling.

This is what makes my Thursday evening ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ development sessions so exciting. Not only can I see the progress of all the students, but they can too.

I look forward to teaching such an amazing group and watch their excitement when they make a new discovery about how they intuitively connect and work.

Last week was the second session in October. Everyone enjoyed the meditation and I also taught them some of the ‘rookie’ mistakes people make when reading oracle cards, so they don’t have to make them.

I mean at some stage we all make mistakes while we are learning and what makes the class so amazing is that it is a safe place to learn and grow. The students are also learning many ‘reading’ tips and how to look after themselves when working in the spiritual world. Every session is different so you can join us at any time. (Sign up for the remaining October sessions here)


Speaking of online courses, we have recently revamped our ‘flagship’ courses on our learning platform and they now all come with VIP options!

What do you get in the VIP bundle?

You get everything that’s already included in the course, PLUS a one-on-one 45 min video call with me! You can use the session any way you like – whether you have questions about the course, need to clarify anything, or if you want spiritual development to continue your learning journey!

You can get VIP options on the following courses

  • Introduction to The Modern Oracle
  • Mastering The Modern Oracle
  • Discovering The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils
  • Psychic Development 101

Check out all the details at


We have now added the November sessions for our online course ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ and you can sign up at this link.

These will most likely be the last sessions before the end of the year so if you have been holding off, these are the sessions to join!

This week we have opened the exclusive Facebook Group ‘The Modern Oracle Community’ to anyone who has purchased any of my ‘Modern Oracle’ online courses or attends the ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ sessions.

If you have purchased any of my Modern Oracle online courses (Introduction to The Modern Oracle, Mastering The Modern Oracle, or Discovering The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils) in the past and aren’t in the group, visit Facebook and ask to join! (There are some security questions to answer, so make you answer all the questions!)

Join the group here!


All the October sessions for readings booked out quickly and we have just added more timeslots to the November calendar.

If ever you can’t find a reading timeslot to book, just contact us and you can be added to the waitlist.

When we can, we add more time slots as we get closer to the time as they become available. Visit to book your reading!

This week my intention is to get more of my book chapters completed. What’s your intention for the coming week?

Wishing you a happy and productive week.


Blessings to you.


Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

Connecting to Spirit…

I am often asked how I personally know when I am connected to spirit when doing readings.

The first thing I do to prepare to connect is meditate and set my intention to connect while stating who I wish to connect to.

Then I will feel the connection occurring. I generally feel the energy coming in on my right side.

I will feel a warmth or tingling sensation on that side and sometimes it feels like pressure or
energy pushing, like when you submerge in water.


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