Boost your Clarity, Kick Start your business or take the next big step with Katy-K!

Katy-K presenting at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Katy-K has had over 25 years corporate business and marketing experience, has been the owner-operator of several successful franchise businesses in Australia and has run her own Spiritual Advancement Academy for over 10 years.

She is now passionate about taking that knowledge and experience and sharing it with those in the spiritual world; teaching and nurturing her clients to grow in confidence and give them the push in the right direction.

For over 20 years, she has been a psychic reader, tutor, mentor and coach to clients throughout Australia and internationally. She has studied all over the world, including at the Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in England; attending annually for over 10 years – and loves sharing her life-long knowledge with her clients.

Katy-K has also completed the Tony Robbins ‘Mastery University’ covering ‘Date with Destiny’, ‘Life & Wealth Mastery’ and ‘Unleash the Power Within’.

Coaching and Coaching Packages

Clarity Boost Session

A Clarity Boost Session is what you need to get a

Are you going in circles?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Lack confidence in your skills?
Not sure where to start?
Not sure which path or direction to take?
Do you need clarity to get you headed in the right direction?

If you answered yes, then this is the BOOST you need to get back on track or even started!!
This session is sure to MOTIVATE YOU!

Sessions for Success

Kick start your business OR take the next big step with Spiritual Business Coach Katy-K

COMMIT to your SUCCESS & ACHIEVE your Goals

This coaching package focuses on:

Business Clarity, Getting Organised, Marketing,
Social Media Tools, Eliminating Mental Blocks & Discover your Strengths and Passions!

I want to know more about Katy’s Coaching process…

Boost your Clarity Now!

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees, can’t get out of our own way to get started or don’t know how or where to begin.

The task might seem so overwhelming that we grind to a halt and even start to go backwards.

Are you unsure of what your next step is? In Life or in Business? Get a CLARITY BOOST with a session to help guide you back on track and have you moving forward on the right path and achieving your goals.

This 45-minute session promises to leave you with a CLARITY BOOST, a shot in the arm to get you going!

Clarity Boost Session – What’s Included?


1 x 45 minute 1:1 online session

1 week email access

Refocus and boost your clarity


Take a step in the right direction

Katy-K Spiritual Advancement Academy Coaching

Purchase your Clarity Boost Session with Katy K for:


Clarity Boost Session Testimonials

Sessions for Success

Kick start your business OR take the next big step
with Spiritual Business Coach Katy K

sessions for success - coaching by Katy K

Commit to your Success & Achieve your Goals


Business Clarity

What are you selling? What’s your brand? What do you want to achieve?


Get Organised

Planning for success and building structure


Who’s your audience and how do you find them?

Social Media Tools

What are the right tools to best sell you?

Eliminating Mental Blocks

Smash those walls and achieve success!

Discover your Strengths and Passions

Use them effectively to achieve your goals

Sessions for Success Testimonials

shallyn testimonial - sessions for success
Client testimonial - leigh - sessions for success by katy k
sessions for success - leah's testimonial

Sessions for Success Coaching Packages

4 Weeks of Coaching

Get started with this “Kick-starter” package.

Kick start your business and move forward towards success!

Focus on clarity, purpose, insight and understanding.

Set your goals, create a plan and move forward in the right direction!


1 x 60 minute intro session


2 x 45 minute coaching sessions


Coaching resources


4-weeks of email/Facebook messenger access

Kick start your business today with
Katy K’s 4 week coaching package for:


Terms & Conditions

Total of 3 sessions over 4-weeks

12 Weeks of Coaching

Take the next big step and commitment towards your success!

Focus on building your business by setting important goals,

creating a business structure, developing marketing strategies

and implementing your action plan.

Step up your business and make some serious money!


1 x 60 minute intro session


6 x 45 minute coaching sessions


Coaching resources


3 months of email/Facebook messenger access

Commit to your success with
Katy K’s 12 week coaching package for:


Terms & Conditions

Total of 7 sessions over 12-weeks