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Hello Everyone!

Ciao from Italy!

Gosh, I have so much to share about my travels but will keep it short as you can see a lot of it on social media.

I loved the canals and walking the cobbled stone paths, the energy was very vibrant for me.

I visited the old cathedrals and said some prayers and meditated to send healing to many that are in need right now.

Venice was amazing, I really feel a past life connection to the place. I dreamed a lot while I was there and even had a visit from my mother in spirit, it was wonderful.

I recently watched a documentary on Venice and was surprised to learn that the city’s sewerage is washed out to sea and relies on the tide to wash it out of the city.

I also saw the garbage being collected from hotels by boats. Things that most tourists would not think about. There were no cars or push bikes in site and you walk everywhere or catch a ferry or water taxi – which are expensive. This would explain why the locals seem so fit.

I am writing this from Civitavecchia (near Rome) and I am about to take off again.

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