Do you know what the ‘Bush Turkey’ can symbolise?


Hello Everyone!

Last week I was surprised to hear a tapping noise on the back glass sliding door. I was even more surprised to discover that it was a bush turkey tapping on the glass and then looking at me.

I immediately recognised that this was a significant sign, as this has not been a common occurrence in my life. For me, this was the second time, so I already knew what this visit signified.

So, in case you are curious, a visit from a bush turkey can symbolise many things, and the following are only a few of the meanings: 

  • A good omen that great gifts are imminently forthcoming
  • To express your strength and brilliance
  • Listen to your higher vision to achieve your goals
  • Not to take things personally and to find the good in any perceived negative situations

The above is something to think about if ever some random bush turkey pays you a visit.

As mentioned last week, this month we are focussing on symbology, which can be another way of communication and another way the spirit world can communicate with you.

Within the Modern Oracle decks, there is a lot of symbology that can bring your readings to another level. You can get more out of the decks by noticing the secrets hidden within each card.

” This is my first ever Oracle Card Deck, I am amazed by its accuracy and I feel like it knows me too well. Plus it is absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful for the thought put into this incredible card deck and guidebook.” – Michele T ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

For instance, when we look at the ‘Mandarin or Tangerine’ card in the Modern Oracle of Essential Oils deck, you will notice that there are two containers of fruit with the rear container blurred, both with a heart on one end of the container and one piece of fruit without its protective skin.

This would suggest when you read the image the following:

  • The hearts signify a past love or current love (2 hearts – one behind – the past, and one in front – current)
  • Feeling vulnerable and or not protected (the peeled fruit)
  • To take action on a project immediately (before the peeled piece dries out or spoils)
  • To put the past behind you (rear container behind and blurred)
  • To be prepared (fruit peeled and ready to consume)
  • Shedding negativity and the past

The above is only some of the meanings in this image, and of course, which version of the above you use would depend on the question.

Spiritually, Mandarin/Tangerine are symbols of good fortune and also suggest abundance, happiness, renewal, connecting to like-minded souls, and letting go of negative emotions.

To learn about the deeper meanings of the cards in The Modern Oracle deck, check out my online course ‘Mastering The Modern Oracle’ – Use code MASTER20 and get 20% off

Grandbaby Update…

It was heart-wrenching to return home after spending time with my adult children and, of course, baby Sophia.

On this last visit, I demonstrated that the use of a baby bouncer is a wonderful way to settle a baby and get chores done.

I was fortunate to celebrate Mother’s Day with my adult children and was blessed with some lovely gifts.

Final preparations are underway for my upcoming trip to Adelaide for the Body Mind Psychic Expo!

I’ll be at the expo, both days, and you can pre-book a reading with me via email

I will also be giving an onstage presentation on the ‘main’ stage on Sunday, 28th May, at 12.20 pm.

My presentation is called ‘Becoming More Psychic’ – I will be speaking about the ways you can become more psychic and giving out free guidance with The Modern Oracle Decks!

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Psychic Reading Facts & Tips

Did you know that the Modern Oracle of Essentials Oils deck has a matching card in The Modern Oracle deck?

When using both decks together, if a matching card is drawn from each deck, then that is the ‘Universe’ emphasising the cards meanings, like really trying to get the point across.

There are 53 cards in each deck, so it is very significant to have matching cards appear in your reading randomly.

Did you know that the ‘Thyme’ card in the Modern Oracle of Essential Oils card matches the ‘Forgive’ card in the Modern Oracle deck?

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