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Hey Everyone ✨

Spring is on our doorstep and I am already enjoying all the flowers that are blooming.

I just returned from another trip visiting my adult offspring in Brisbane and really enjoyed late afternoon walks with my daughter Chloe. We would find the steepest hill to climb, I would puff most of the way up and when I was distracted looking at the flowers and chatting (when I could breathe, haha), it was not so hard to climb that hill.

I started thinking that life is a bit like that. When our focus is on how hard something is we notice it more, and when we are distracted along the journey by pleasant experiences it all becomes more tolerable.

A bit like our new ‘normal’ in this pandemic. To say our lives have changed is an understatement for nearly everyone and I have found in these uncertain times that I am looking for pleasant distractions, new ways of doing things, and the changes are not all bad. I know my son John has had to find a new way to produce his music, and he is actually happy with the new way.

That got me thinking, what else do we keep doing, as it is the ‘normal’ and not look for new ways of doing them because that is the way it has always been done?

Spiritual development can be a lot like that. There are some traditionalists that have firm ideas and others that are willing to try new things. When I developed the Modern Oracle decks, I wanted decks that are for our everyday lives that would work in any era, and I wanted something different.

I am always thrilled to hear the positive responses from fans of the Modern Oracle and how life-changing the deck has been for them.

As I am a self-published creator, it has not been easy to get the word out about the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks. and the main way has been through social media like Facebook & Instagram, traveling to psychic expos and festivals, and my website.

Now in these different times, where there are no events like expos or festivals, and limited travel, I am reaching out to you to help me get the word out to everyone about the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks.

Can I ask if you are enjoying the Modern Oracle decks that you post about it on your social media and tag us or link back to my website so that others can benefit as well? You could share a photo of a spread you have done, or talk about how you use the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks.

For the month of September, we will be rewarding you for your posts by putting you in the draw to win one of several prizes. For all competition details, check out below! 

We will be giving away

  • 45 minute Zoom reading
  • Copies of the Modern Oracle decks
  • Healing Mandala’s
  • and many other goodies.

Each post you make will equal a ticket in the draw and we’ll be reposting and sharing them on our own social media pages. We will be drawing the winners LIVE on Facebook on Thursday 1st October!

I am excited about this competition and hope you will be too!



PS: Join me next Saturday 5th September, I’ll be going live on Facebook, demonstrating The Modern Oracle decks and doing mini readings! Further details below!

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September Competition

Here are all the details on how to enter our September competition!

**So that we don’t miss your post, please ensure you email your submission to confirm your entry!

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Explore new ways of doing things in your life

Spring is on our doorstep and I am already enjoying all the flowers that are blooming. I just returned from another trip visiting my adult offspring in Brisbane and really enjoyed late afternoon walks with my daughter Chloe.

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