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Hello Everyone!

Last week while I was in Brisbane; to celebrate our wedding anniversary my romantic husband booked us into the hotel across the road from the church where we were married 32 years ago.

For those of you who have been in Brisbane CBD, you might recognise it, it is the Albert Street Uniting Church.

Right in the heart of the city – such a beautiful church, it was built in 1888!

The beautiful jacaranda trees are in full bloom in and around Brisbane, and this is all the reminder my hubby needs that our wedding anniversary is imminent.

I was blessed to see ‘Tones and I’ perform at a function while I was in Brisbane. She has a gorgeous voice and seems like a lovely young lady, but I couldn’t help feeling that maybe she was not as happy as she could be as I watched her perform. Just a psychic thing, but I just had the feeling that her creativity is being somewhat stifled.

My book came back from the first round of edits, and my editor loved it. Woo-hoo, I am thrilled. Here is a snippet of what my editor had to say …

But wow, your book is incredible, I loved reading it, and the best part is, it was interesting! Every single anecdote was definitely worth including. My favourites that stand out are the naked man and the lesbian, so funny. I enjoyed learning about Medrado and cringed at the story of Donna and Lisa!

I am hoping to be able to provide you all with an update as to when it might be off to the printers and then ready to send out to you all! Don’t forget you can still preorder at this link. 

Thank you to everyone who has recently booked a reading with me – we released a new day of times only the other day and it is already fully booked!

I’m checking my calendar to see where I can open up more reading dates and times.

Keep an eye out on the calendar for new dates!

PS: Don’t forget to check out this week’s psychic tip to learn more about Timing Cards in the Modern Oracle decks!


Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

Timing cards in the Modern Oracle Deck


Did you know that one of the secrets of the Modern Oracle Deck is that it has secondary timing cards?

These cards either have the word ‘time’ printed on them or there is sand in the image.

The stand-your-ground card is a secondary timing card as it has a lot of sand in the image.

Can you find all the other secondary timing cards?

Learn more about The Modern Oracle Deck in my online course!

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