Find out what a ‘Violet’ month in October means for you! 💜


Hello Everyone!
If you are someone like me who can be haunted when travelling, you will  understand how important it is to protect yourself energetically. If you don’t know how to do that, I will remind you that I have a quick and simple way to protect yourself in my book ‘The Modern Oracle – How To Tap Into Your Unique Psychic Powers.’ Check out page 84 in the chapter about psychic protection.

But what do you do if you forget to protect yourself?

Maybe life is a bit chaotic, or you are distracted, and then before you know it, you have spirits trying to get your attention because they finally have someone they can communicate with. I know this happens to me as I rush about. The answer to that question is simple and on page 85 of my book with clear instructions.

I have a trip to Brisbane coming up, and Tony suggested we stay in a particular hotel that we both know is haunted as it was cheaper than all the other available hotels. My reply to him was, “Do you want to sleep?” He didn’t book that hotel. I have written about this hotel and my experiences in my next book. If you haven’t already pre-ordered it, you can at this link

I am back home and swamped with work! I didn’t think I could get any busier, and my ‘To Do’ list in my bullet journal is still growing. For those of you on the waiting list for reading appointments, we have just released some more dates and will be releasing some more when I can.

As I missed my editor deadline for my book, I am now back in the line waiting for the editor to be available, which means that my book print date will also be delayed, and my book will be out later than I planned. I really do hate to disappoint anyone, and I am trying to make up for lost time where I can.

Thank you to everyone for your compassion and understanding when I had the double blow of losing both Aunty Joy and Bella on the same day.

There is not a day when I don’t think of them both, and I love the messages they have sent me. Ted is still grieving but starting to improve. Time will heal us all.

The theme for this month is all about ‘timing cards’ and how to interpret them.

Did you know that the modern oracle deck has many timing cards, some of which are not as obvious unless you know what you are looking for?

Check out my ‘psychic tips’ to learn more.


October is…
  • Violet is the colour of inspired ideas. Many of you may find yourself coming up with lots of ideas and thoughts that you wish to act on
  • For those of you who have good counselling skills, you may need to use them more this month.
  • People can be quite intense and challenging in a violet month. You will need a lot of tact and empathy to prevent ‘blowups’ when communicating as the colour violet contains the red and blue energies
  • A good month for meditation, especially if you connect through the violet energy. It is easier to get a lot of information from your meditations
  • There will be lots of channelled information coming through
  • The violet energy will enable you to receive messages at a higher spiritual level as well as raise your vibration
  • Many of you may find yourself dreaming more, be sure to have a pen and paper beside your bed to write down your dreams before you forget them
  • Take note of any inspiration and ideas that come to you
  • A good time to study to gain wisdom so you can make improvements
  • Some of you may have issues around health
  • A good time to reap the benefits of using lavender essential oil to ensure peace and calm and wearing or working with Amethyst
Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

Timing cards in the Modern Oracle Deck

When you have a timing card that mentions a season –
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, the timing can be read as follows:
  • The actual season that is displayed at the bottom of the card
  • A period of three months
  • Any of the months in that season –will depend on which side of the hemisphere the client is on

In this example on the ‘Be Free’ Card, the timing around this card is ‘Autumn’ (Fall) or anytime during that season.

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