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Hello Everyone!

This week I did some baking for an event my hubby was going to. He didnā€™t ask me outrightĀ to do the baking; he just dropped the line, ā€œAt morning teatime, all the other people haveĀ homemade treats that they share.ā€

I, of course, then replied, ā€œOh, would you like me to bake some treats for you to take withĀ you to share?ā€ You can guess his answerā€¦ ā€œI donā€™t suppose you wouldnā€™t have time toā€¦ Oh,Ā would you do that for me?ā€

That is how I found myself spending an afternoon baking.

I love baking but stopped whenĀ our children grew up and left home as we found that my hubby and I were the only onesĀ around to eat the goodies I created.

Then our waistlines expanded, and then it was ā€˜gameĀ overā€™ for my baking hobby.


Psychic Reading Information:Ā 

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “How can I develop my psychic abilities?”

Psychic development is a journey that requires patience, practice, and an open mind. SomeĀ tips for developing psychic abilities include:

  • setting aside time for meditation
  • practising visualization exercises
  • trusting your intuition
  • working with divination tools such as the Modern Oracle cards

It’sĀ also important to maintain a positive attitude and surround yourself with supportiveĀ people who believe in your abilities.Ā Remember, everyone has some level of psychic ability, and with practice and dedication,Ā you can develop your skills and tap into your intuition on a deeper level. For those of youĀ wanting to develop your psychic abilities further, I have many online courses and two booksĀ that can assist you further. Check them out at this link

Grandbaby Update…

Last weekend professional baby photos were taken of baby Sophia; she was the perfect model and slept the wholeĀ time.

Here is one of her photos if you didnā€™t see one on social media.

Looking forward to the next time I’m in Brisbane so I can spend some more time with her.

I am looking forward to my trip to Adelaide at the end of the month for the Body MindĀ Psychic Expo!

I will have my own stand with the Modern Oracle products, and I willĀ be doing Psychic readings. I will also be on doing an onstage presentation on the main stageĀ on Sunday, 28th May.

For more information on the expo, visit their website or Facebook page.

Hope to see you there!

Wishing you good health and happiness
Until next weekā€¦




Psychic Reading Facts & Tips

Did you know that the Modern Oracle of Essentials Oils deck has a matching card in The Modern Oracle deck?

Did you know that the Modern Oracle of Essentials Oils deck has a matching card in TheĀ Modern Oracle deck?

When using both decks together, if a matching card is drawn from each deck, then that isĀ the ā€˜Universeā€™ emphasising the cards’ meanings, like really trying to get the point across.Ā There are 53 cards in each deck, so it is very significant to have matching cards appear inĀ your reading randomly.

Did you know that the ā€˜Patchouliā€™ card in the Modern Oracle of Essential Oils card matchesĀ the ā€˜Find Balanceā€™ card in the Modern Oracle deck?

May is…

Did you know that the colour yellow has healing powers? It’s true! Yellow is associated withĀ the solar plexus chakra, which is all about personal power and confidence. So, when you’reĀ feeling a little down or lacking in self-esteem, surround yourself with yellow!

It’s also linkedĀ to the sun, which is all about vitality and life force energy. So, if you’reĀ feeling a bit drained,Ā a pop of yellow can help give you a boost!

Plus, yellow is just a happy, cheerful colour thatĀ can lift your mood and put a smile on your face. Here is some more information about theĀ colour yellow.

  • The colour of clarity, information, and digestion
  • Yellow is an uplifting, bright, and cheerful colour
  • Yellow is the colour of fun, so bring your inner child out and be creative
  • Yellow is about learning, so a good month to start a new course or take on new studies
  • A good colour for launching a new idea or project and putting plans into action
  • A good month to people network
  • An analytical colour, so be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too much information or spend too much time in your head or be over-critical, as it will beĀ easy to become overwhelmed. When this happens, counterbalance it with theĀ colour violet or purple. You might like to wear some amethyst.

The colour yellow is said to sharpen logic, focus, memory, learning and concentration. It isĀ the colour that strengthens willpower and is good for enhancing communication (we needĀ that when mercury is in retrograde).

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