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Hello from Katy-K 🌻

Recently I sat in on a Zoom session on Essential Oils. There were many wonderful guest speakers and I learned a lot.

Lemon or lime essentail oils card from the modern oracle of essential oilsWhen the session was over, I set the intention that I would draw one card from the ‘Modern Oracle of Essential Oils’ deck, asking for what oil would be optimum for me to use this week. The card that came out was the Lemon/Lime card. As usual, the message was relevant as well.

Later as I set off on my daily walk, I was thinking about the card I drew, and as I normally do, I challenged the ‘spirit’ world to ‘prove it’ to give me confirmation.

With that thought out there, ten minutes into my walk some kids on bikes came riding by. A young lad that looked to be around 7 years old, stopped me by saying “Excuse me” as he got off his bike. “Would you like some limes?” He started opening his backpack and I was thinking, I am going to have to walk another 20 minutes with these limes and with nothing to put them in.

He was watching me intently and I replied “Sure I would love some limes” not having the heart to reject him.

I love limes and I thought I could just put them under a tree after he rides off and get them on the way back. He opened his backpack, pulled out one lime, and handed it to me. I thanked him and told him that he was lovely for sharing his limes. With a big smile on his face, he rode off again with his mates and their bulging backpacks. I guess I was only meant to receive one lime and that was perfect.

I then carried that lime in my hand for my whole walk. Another 5 minutes into the walk I was looking at the lime and decided to sniff it. I lightly scratched the skin with my nail and breathed in the beautiful fresh aroma. Instantly I felt uplifted, I felt cleansed, I had a smile on my face, and I couldn’t stop sniffing the lime. I was really enjoying this lime. 

When I returned home, I curiously did a bit of research. I read that a Japanese study showed that smelling citrus for 10 minutes helped boost the participant’s moods for up to 30 minutes!

It decreased tension, anxiety, depression, dejection, anger, hostility, and confusion. I guess that is why I had this burst of energy and was feeling so good.

Limes have many other healing benefits and the following one I really liked. Limes supposedly speed up your metabolic rate and help the body to break down fat during exercise, which was great as I was exercising. They can also give you a boost of energy, which I was experiencing. I decided I was going to diffuse lime essential oil all week. 

Then it dawned on me…here was my confirmation. I had asked for proof and you could not get much more proof than being handed a lime on my walk! Ask and you shall receive and trust.

This week I have had lime essential oil in my drinking water (making sure it was organic and pure). The house smells of it and I am feeling energetic. To communicate with the ‘Spirit’ world, you just have to ask, and then pay attention.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of lime essential oils – check out this free PDF.



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