✨  Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother's Day from Katy KFor some of us, it will be a quieter than usual Mother’s Day due to the social distancing rules, but hopefully, it will be an enjoyable one for all the Mum’s out there. Enjoy your special day and I hope you get spoilt.

I didn’t think I would ever say it … but I think I am enjoying this stay at home ‘gig’. Yes, you read it right, the ‘traveling psychic’ is I enjoying staying at home in ‘lockdown’. Sure, I miss catching up with clients, exploring new places, and staying in different hotels. I miss the busyness of the expos and meeting new people, but due to a ‘pandemic’, life as I know it has changed, and I have gotten so used to it, that I am not unhappy.

It feels like an enforced break with fewer expectations. Life has become a lot simpler and there is no rushing around. I don’t even go out to shop. My ‘hubby’ does it on the way home from work. I have also come to have a greater appreciation for my surroundings. I look forward to my sunset walk on the beach each evening (for exercise). I am loving riding my bike (except when it is windy) and I am enjoying having time to read a book.

I get that this can’t go on forever, and nor would I want it too, but I feel like I am recharging and ‘Mother’ earth is recharging too. I won’t dwell on the negative of how much loss there is, and it saddens me the fact that this is a loss on an enormous scale. I am just making the best of the situation that we all find ourselves in, as I am sure many of us are. We are all adapting. My clients are finding me on zoom, a new thing for some of them. I have more time to create online courses, coaching clients and doing readings. We have also organized a lower-priced reading on ‘cheap Thursdays’ to help out in these tough times. Note, these lower price readings are only on Thursdays for the time being.

So I encourage you when there is so much negativity, loss, and sadness all around us, take time to look for the positives, find gratitude, and appreciate what you do have. I know I am.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sending healing to all that need it ❤️


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