My enemy & how I protect against it!


Hello from Katy-K 🌻

Recently it surprised me to find out I had an enemy!

Yes, you read that right, an enemy. I didn’t think I had any until recently, and if I did, they were unknown to me. So, image my shock to find out about this enemy.

I should have realized as I was already having to placate this enemy by following their rules, making plans around them, and going through difficult times because of them; several times a year for weeks on end. Kind of stifling and a pain in the ‘you know what’, but not something I could control.

My good friend and ‘Vedic’ astrologist Moira had warned me often enough to protect myself because this enemy and I go back to the time of my birth. Yes, I happened to be born at a time that has created this love-hate relationship.

Can you guess who it is?

Yes, it is Mercury!!

(Yep, the one that feels like it’s always going into retrograde!)

’Vedic’ Astrology chart

According to a ’Vedic’ Astrology chart, my ‘Sun’ is in Aquarius so that makes me an Aquarian, (probably why I can be a bit ‘airy-fairy’). My ascendant sign is Pisces, my Moon is in Libra and Mercury is my ‘ENEMY!’

What does all that mean? Astrology is not my personal strong point, but lucky for me I have been guided by experts and now know one of the protectors for me is Emerald, as well as Peridot and Moldavite.

I now have purchased or collected all of these since I discovered this fact.
On the 18th of this month when “Mercury went into Retrograde,” (MIR) my first words to my husband upon wakening was “Mercury has gone into Retrograde,” he had only just opened his eyes and replied with “Oh f***!!”. I guess that says it all about the next three weeks for us.

Yes, Mercury in Retrograde is ready to torment its enemies. There is a lot of other significant astrological ‘stuff’ happening this month, but I will leave that up to you to check out.

If you have read my other blogs, you know that some of the side effects of ‘MIR’ are travel delays (well I don’t have to worry about that right now due to travel restrictions), communication issues, problems with technology and so it goes on.

Actually, during this time, I like to blame anything that goes wrong on ‘MIR,’ …. Except this time, I am going to be positive and prepared!

I am wearing my Emerald (it was a good excuse to get one) and I am going to find my Peridot earrings after I finish writing this.

I think I am going to focus on finishing off some incomplete projects in the next three weeks and be careful about what I say.

Next week I will let you know some of the positives of ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ — yes there can be some really good things about ‘MIR.’!!

Until next week
Sending you blessings




PS: If you’re interested in finding out what your ‘Vedic’ astrology chart is, let me know!!

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