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Hello from Katy K

Gosh, there are so many changes happening all around us.  I have never been big on unexpected changes, but I think it is time for me to make some changes that I can control.

Change comes upon us suddenly and teaches us about adaptability. Our lives are in a state of constant change, but rarely as many as most of us are going through now. How we handle this change determines whether we will ‘sink’ or ‘swim’ and how we cope. Unwanted change is the hardest to deal with.  Coronavirus is so, so unwanted! Remember, as one door shuts, another always opens. It is whether we notice the open door, and the choices we make that determine our future.

Recently, I decided that I needed a stricter ‘routine’ to enable myself to cope better with the unwanted change we currently find ourselves in due to COVID-19. I decided to make small ongoing changes that hopefully I will continue. I suppose I wanted to create some new ‘good’ habits, rather than mentally beat myself up about ‘bad’ ones … I don’t think I am the only one that does that.

I decided if I was going to stick to these new routines, they would have to be small-time commitments as well, otherwise, I would put them off. A bit like my gym sessions at home that are supposed to be every second day, but seem to be every third day. I get to the second day after the last session and go hmmm … I don’t feel like doing this today and I am still sore from the last session. Then I make up excuses to justify the decision, to put it off another day, as I know the workout if I do it properly will take the better part of an hour.

This also happens with meditation. If I have to sit for more than 15 minutes I will probably find a reason not to, rather than a reason to do it. This is why I created guided meditations under 15 minutes long that give results. I didn’t want to sit for too long in my busy life. Well now, that is a whole different story, not so busy, but I’m still not wanting to sit for longer than 15 minutes.

So I start the day with a small meditation and if I feel like sitting for longer, I can. At least this way I actually do meditations daily. I then decided to look at my gym session as maybe a 15-minute session and if I feel like doing more, once I get into it I can.

The next habit was 15 minutes of writing a day, and guess what? Once I started I usually wanted to keep going longer than 15 minutes while I was in the ‘zone’.

Last week I wrote about starting to ride my bike, yes you got it, 15 minutes and guess what I liked it so now I am riding for longer.

The idea of my 15-minute habits was so that I was not overwhelmed and actually did the task. It might be something you want to consider. I have found that making these changes that I have chosen to make, gives me a sense of control over something, when there is so much we can’t control right now.

Wishing you all good luck, ‘sanity,’ and that this troubling time passes quickly.


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✨ Join me at the Online Essential Oil Symposium

Gosh, there are so many changes happening all around us.  I have never been big on unexpected changes, but I think it is time for me to make some changes that I can control. Change comes upon us suddenly and teaches us about adaptability.

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