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Hi Everyone!

Last week I had a few days at Noosa Heads. My focus was on writing my second book and I am pleased with the content I managed to write.

One more week closer to my book being finished!

I was amazed at how I attracted birds while I was sitting on the balcony typing.

There was no food in sight so that was not the drawcard.

To me birds always mean communication and that is what I am doing by writing my book.

I googled the spiritual meaning of birds and found the following:






They can also represent eternity due to their ability to soar into the skies and they also announce prosperity, progress, and abundance coming into your life.

Have you noticed any symbols or signs being sent your way from the spirit world?


Exciting news… ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ online development group will be recommencing in February 2022.

This week we will be having our Everything Modern Oracle Online Christmas Party for those of you who have been joining me each week for our Thursday evening class.

We were supposed to finish at the end of November and then I had this idea to have some more fun with the class by having a special zoom Christmas party with some fun psychic games. The zoom link to our special night will be with your course content.

Each week the Everything Modern Oracle students get to experience a channeled meditation, we go into depth with information regarding a Modern Oracle card, and practice putting that card into different readings using different topics.

We also practice different styles of readings, with one student asking a real-life question for the other students to practice with. Of course, a lot more happens, and the students love it when I demonstrate the cards, and they end up with a mini reading.

Here is what one student had to say about the ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ sessions …

“What I liked about the Everything Modern Oracle course was the comradery of like-minded people. Q and A were very informative so many questions were answered. A safe environment to practice your skill level and I felt very welcome and at ease with all the attendees”. – Joyce. 

If you want to join us in February 2022 you can sign up with this special discount code MOD14 to get $14 off the course price.

This special discount will only be available until Sunday 26 th December 2021.

Visit & sign up today!

With that special code, it works out that you are only paying $21.50 per session. A private lesson with me costs $220 for an hour, so joining a group like this is such an affordable way to learn more about The Modern Oracle deck!

That is a bargain, and these sessions would be a great Christmas gift!

Blessings to you.


Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

5 Pendulum Tips

  • Before purchasing a pendulum ask if it wants to work with you
  • Ensure that your pendulum is correctly attached to the center and is symmetrical
  • Be present and only think of your question
  • Don’t influence the pendulum by thinking of the answer you want
  • Don’t use your pendulum while you are emotionally upset

To learn more about pendulums, check out my mini course!

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