✨ A special visit on Mother’s Day


Hello everyone…
Last Mother’s Day, I had a visit from 3 willie wagtails. They came up to the sliding door and then hung around for a while. They sat on the outdoor furniture and in the nearby palm tree. I had to zoom in to get a photo as I didn’t want to startle them. It was a lovely surprise. We have a lot of bird wildlife around our home, but I had not seen willie wagtails for a long time. The bird wildlife isn’t always coming up to the house either.  Now willie wagtails, symbolically have many meanings, and as I have mentioned before we can all have different beliefs as to the meanings in symbology. I look at symbology in nature as messages and the animal is the messenger.

My meaning, that I believe, and the ‘Spirit’ world communicate to me when I see a willie wagtail is that they can be the ghosts of relatives, that have come to say hello and that they love you. They bring good luck and their message is that good news is coming. So, to me, they were representing my loved ones in spirit and it was lovely to have a visit on Mother’s Day.

Some of the other meanings that I know of, and I don’t know everything, but I prefer to look for positive meanings, are the following:

  • A reminder to stay or be cheerful
  • To live with the feeling of excitement and gregariousness
  • To continue to hold onto hope and remain gregarious and stable even if under pressure
  • To keep up with our positive energy even if the situation is the opposite.
  • They are considered messengers and that good news is coming.
  • The death of the old (situations) with bright new beginnings.
  • A message of some sort usually from a family member in Spirit.

It will be up to you as to which meaning you adopt as your own meaning for when a willie wagtail comes to visit, but as you can see most of those meanings above are very relevant for the current ‘pandemic’ times.

As I finished writing this, I went out to the letterbox to check for mail and there was a willie wagtail near the letterbox.


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✨ A special visit on Mother’s Day

Hello everyone...Last Mother’s Day, I had a visit from 3 willie wagtails. They came up to the sliding door and then hung around for a while. They...

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