Become a Master of Mercury in Retrograde


Hi Everyone!
I have good news!

Well, it is exciting news for me. Mercury is going through its final post shadow period for this year. Yay!

What does the ‘post shadow’ period mean?

Does the post shadow period count?

Would Mercury still be creating havoc then?

I get asked so many questions and I suppose that is because most of my followers are aware of my tumultuous relationship with Mercury. That being the case I decided to put together a little mini-course called ‘Mastering Mercury in Retrograde’ and as a treat to you for supporting me… this course will be FREE for one week only, for you lucky readers, then the price goes up to $15.00 … a bargain!

Click –> Check it out on my learning platform!

Mastering Mercury in Retrograde is a bit of a survival guide with tips to getting through this somewhat chaotic period with minimum chaos. This course contains a few videos and a fifteen-page PDF full of information. Here is the special code so you can grab it while it is FREE

Visit my learning platform at and use the code MASTERMIR at checkout to get the course for FREE

mastering mercury in retrograde with katy k


As we get close to Christmas, I have added in special VIP plans for all my ‘flagship’ online courses.

VIP options include a one-on-one zoom session with me, at a seriously discounted rate for my time. This time can be used for coaching, Q&A, tutoring, or assistance with your spiritual development to ensure you are on the right path and even on the fast track.

Visit my learning platform to check out all the options!


It was my wedding anniversary last week.

Thirty-one years of marriage and I am still madly in love with my gorgeous hubby. The time has seriously flown by.

We took time out to be together and have a bit of a getaway. The last time we went away we both worked. This time I am still writing my book, but we are also taking time out for more fun.

We have been catamaran sailing and Tony is patiently giving me a few lessons. I also had my first ever attempt at stand-up paddleboard sailing which I am now in love with.

As I am hypermobile and have no sense of balance, I truly doubted I would be able to do it. To my surprise, I only fell off a few times before I got the hang of it. Now I can’t wait to try it again.


This week my intention is to get more of my book chapters completed, yes I am still writing! Not quite finished yet, and hopefully I will soon have some more tidbits to share with you!

Wishing you a happy and productive week.

Blessings to you.


Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

The following is a quick chakra cleanse exercise that I like to do…

Close your eyes and visualise that you are standing under a shower and rainbow energy streams out of it filling your body.

This energy then flows and connects to the relevant chakras with the intention to cleanse and expand each chakra.

I find that I feel the rainbow energy and a shift in my energy.

A good way to test how and if you are feeling this energy is to visualise that you are turning the shower on and off and feeling any difference in the energy flow.

The more you repeat it the more chance of developing an awareness of the energy.


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