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Hi Everyone!

Last week was a busy week…seems like they all are at this time of year!

We joined in and had a ‘Black Friday’ sale, and it was good to see how much support we got and how many got in early buying early Christmas gifts for their friends and loved ones.

While in the office during the week filming videos, my assistant Brie and I did an impromptu photoshoot with all my Modern Oracle products.

As you can see, since it wasn’t planned, it was pretty casual since I am in jean shorts!

We took lots of great photos and I’m excited to now share them on Facebook & Instagram!

On Thursday we had the last ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ Thursday night session for this year. Everyone had such a good time and there was disappointment that they now must wait until February next year for the sessions to resume.

I am seeing phenomenal growth in all of them, and they are too. They are becoming more confident. There were even comments that all week they look forward to Thursday nights as they enjoy them so much. I am going to miss all these lovely people too.

As a wrap up for this year’s students, I promised them that I will hold a FREE online Christmas class especially for them, to honour their support and as a reward for their amazing work. I am already planning the ‘psychic games’ we will play. Should be a fun evening!

If you are interested in becoming a more confident psychic and developing your intuitive gifts you might like to join us next year.

We’ll be sharing links with you in com the coming weeks, so keep reading these emails to get the early sign-up discount code.

Thank you to everyone that attended my free zoom session yesterday to learn more about psychic development and tips on how to develop even faster.

As promised I have a deal to follow our session ….

✨ How to Unlock Your Psychic Abilities in 30 Days or Less! ✨

This week I am relaunching my psychic development course and I would like to invite you to continue learning with me and developing your psychic abilities!

With new bonus content, and a special discount code, now is the best time to learn How to Unlock Your Psychic Abilities in 30 Days or Less!!


The course is $249 full price, using the special discount code means you will save $37.35 and only pay $211.65!!!

Use code UNLOCK15 at checkout and save 15%

A private lesson with me would normally cost $220 per hour, so purchasing this course even at full price is an absolute bargain!

With lifetime access to the course, you can complete it in your own time and even go back at any stage and refresh or revisit all the content!

Get started on your psychic journey with me and I will take you from “I think I have a gift” to connecting to others and doing readings!

For more info or to purchase, visit https://katy-k.thinkific.com/courses/psychic-development-101

Blessings to you.



PS: Thank you to Wendy who shared information with me this week about Thyme and inspired this newsletter’s psychic tip!  💖

Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

Five ways to Develop your Psychic Abilities

  1. Meditate daily – Meditations are available on my website

Check them out here!

  1. Join a development group – We currently offer a weekly online development group called ‘Everything Modern Oracle’

Sign up for February 2022!

  1. Work with an Oracle deck – try the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks

Purchase on my website.

  1. Read a Psychic Development book – The Modern Oracle – How to Tap Into Your Unique Psychic Powers

Read all about my book on my website.

  1. Journal daily – Set up a ‘Psychic’ Journal – see the above book for information or the online course ‘How to Unlock Your Psychic Abilities in 30 Days’

Sign up here!


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