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Runner up – aspiring debut artist – CARTA Awards

CARTA International Cartomancy Awards - FINALIST

I want to thank all of you who voted for me after being nominated in the CARTA awards. WOW, I was so excited to even be nominated, let alone receive a placing. Well, guess what?

We did it! Together, with all your votes The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils deck was awarded RUNNER UP for Aspiring Debut Artist. I am beyond excited. Pinch me, am I dreaming!?

CARTA International Cartomancy Awards - RUNNER UP for Aspiring debut author

This award had entries from all over the world from so many talented people and very rarely does a self-published author get a look in. I am so grateful!

Thank you to everyone who reached and sent me a message of congratulations!

My book has just finished its second edits and will be going to layouts very soon. It is getting exciting. It is very gruelling doing the editing as each time I have to read the whole 40,000 words out loud to pick up any mistakes!! By the end of it, I am itching to get out of the chair and my voice is flagging. It will all be worth it though.

Thank you to everyone that has already bought a copy of my book at the pre-release price. You have saved yourself at least 33% and not to mention the postage. Preorder discount has now finished but you can order your copy at from my website – CLICK HERE – or visit

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we are planning a big sale for December to celebrate Christmas & the Festive Season. Here are all the details so you can make yourselves a wishlist!


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Have a good week.

Sending you Blessings


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