Learn what a ‘blue’ month means for you!


Hello Everyone!

We are now in a ‘blue’ month.

Blue gives us a feeling of calm and is healing, so use this month to heal ‘wounds’ that you might have with people. If there is anyone you have fallen out with it is a good time to communicate at a deeper level and take the heat out of fiery situations.

A great month to meditate and take time for self, to go within and connect with your intuition.

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The theme for this month’s newsletters is ‘Spiritual Development. I will be sharing all things ‘psychic’ and excitingly next week I will be launching the ‘possible’ cover of my second book…yay. 


August is…
blue MONTH

Here’s some more information about what it means for August being a ‘Blue’ month.

  • Blue is the colour of truth, integrity, and communication
  • As blue is a healing colour, try to wear the colour blue this month
  • In a blue month, the truth can be unveiled. It is important to work with truth and integrity or you might find out that this is the month that you will get caught out
  • The truth can be and most likely will be revealed this month, if you communicate with truth and integrity, you will see things move forward in leaps and bounds
  • Others might also choose to be more candid with you and sometimes the truth hurts!
  • Situations that have been stressing you will start to calm down
  • Blue is a cooling colour so fiery situations could ‘cool’ down, especially if you communicate effectively
  • Some of you might be feeling a little low or depressed (feeling blue).
  • If you are feeling down, and overwhelmed wear red to uplift you and give you energy or orange to improve your self-confidence or work with red and orange crystals
Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

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When that happens, it is the ‘Universe’ emphasizing that this is significant and to pay attention.

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