Meet your Spirit Guides with my new meditation! 👼


Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone

Are you someone that is full of self-doubt?

Self-doubt comes from fear and a lot of the time this fear is unfounded or unwarranted. This fear can come from other people’s beliefs and fears that you adopt or from negative experiences.

In my career, I have helped produce a lot of psychic readers and assisted them to grow confident in their abilities. This is another reason that I teach every Thursday evening my ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ psychic development classes.

In these classes, you learn how to be more confident, develop your gifts, and learn about a tool that you can trust to assist you in your readings. We also do a meditation every week and these meditations are designed to assist your spiritual growth or to measure your spiritual growth.

Originally the class was to be only for an hour each session, but I have always given the students 90 minutes or more, you can see the value.

When we launch the May classes of ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ we will be giving you even more value for your money and still at a bargain price. Here is a glimpse of what you will get in each class:

  • Weekly meditation
  • 1-hour of Lesson with Katy-K; creator of the Modern Oracle Deck
  • 30-min Q&A with Katy-K – ask your psychic development questions!
  • A closer and detailed look at a different Modern Oracle card each week – learn the secrets and tips about these cards!
  • Practice doing readings and to fine-tune your readings in a supportive environment
  • Psychic Development exercises that teach you how to read the cards confidently
  • Receive readings from other students with my guidance
  • Psychic Development tips
  • A replay video of each week is added to the course – go back & watch as many times as you want!

If you are wanting to strengthen your gifts and do more accurate readings, come and join

May classes of ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ start this Thursday 5th May. Sign up here


Another way to strengthen your gifts is through spiritual meditation. Spiritual meditation can assist you to focus and have stronger spiritual connections and experiences.

Welcome to the end of ‘Meditation Month’ and as promised, this week I am launching a new meditation!

‘Meeting your Spirit Guides’
Available here

The ‘Meeting Your Spirit Guides’ meditation was channelled by Katy-K from her Guides to assist you to be able to meet and connect to your own Spirit Guides.

Have you ever wondered who your Spirit Guides are?
Are you wanting to connect to your Spirit Guides and discover more about them?
Do you want to know how each of your Spirit Guides can assist you?

You are not alone in asking these questions.

We have many Spirit Guides in our ‘Spirit’ team that are available to assist you on your life journey and help you to attain your highest potential on Earth.  Your Spirit Guides are always available to communicate with you, give you guidance and protect you.

Spirit Guides are beings that have thoroughly mastered life’s lessons and now have transitioned into the afterlife to dedicate their existence to being Spirit Guides instead of re-incarnating on earth again.

In this approx 16 minute channelled guided meditation you can receive high vibrational guidance as you communicate with your guides and learn more about your guides in your spirit team.

Check out ‘Meeting your Spirit Guides’ meditation – available here on my learning platform! Only $10

Wishing you all good health and lots of energy.

Blessings to you.


Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

Full Moon / New Moon

I am often asked about moon ceremonies and when you release or manifest. I thought this psychic tip might assist you to remember which moon to do what on.

The full moon is for release. Think of the full moon as being full and you need to empty out anything you no longer want, what you want to get rid of.

The new moon is for manifesting. You make wishes on the new moon for bringing in new things or new changes.

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