Healing Mandala

‘Healing Mandalas’ by Katy-K are channelled specifically for the individual to meet their needs.  They are then attuned to you and activated for you.  A ‘Healing Mandala’ can be requested for a specific problem or a general healing.  Each time you connect to your ‘Healing Mandala’ the energy is building and you are increasing the healing power.  They have been said to be able to facilitate all of the following, depending on the need of the individual as well as much more:

Awaken, inspire and nourish your deepest self.
Facilitate in the removal of heavy and negative energy, replacing with positive and light energy.
Be calming in times of stress and heal
Used to guide you upon the path of enlightenment
Assist with positive manifestation of your goals and desires
Promote harmony, unity, wholeness, healing and a feeling that all things are possible.

Katy-K provides ‘Healing Mandalas’ to clients in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Your ‘Healing Mandala’ will be sent to you electronically.