Healing Mandala

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‘Healing Mandalas’ by Katy-K are channelled specifically for the individual to meet their needs.  They are then attuned to you and activated for you.  A ‘Healing Mandala’ can be requested for a specific problem or a general healing.  Each time you connect to your ‘Healing Mandala’ the energy is building and you are increasing the healing power.  They have been said to be able to facilitate all of the following, depending on the need of the individual as well as much more:

Awaken, inspire and nourish your deepest self.
Facilitate in the removal of heavy and negative energy, replacing with positive and light energy.
Be calming in times of stress and heal
Used to guide you upon the path of enlightenment
Assist with positive manifestation of your goals and desires
Promote harmony, unity, wholeness, healing and a feeling that all things are possible.

Katy-K provides ‘Healing Mandalas’ to clients in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Your ‘Healing Mandala’ will be sent to you electronically.


Time Lapse Videos – Katy-K creating Healing Mandalas
Photos of Katy-K’s Healing Mandalas


5 reviews for Healing Mandala

  1. Susan from Sydney

    When I first saw my Mandala I was blown away by the energy coming from the centre of the image. It was powerful and had a huge impact on me. The direction was simple and had an effect of enabling me to be present and aware of where I was  – connected.  I felt free of needing to know how it worked and trusted that if I followed the directions it would do what was needed. I looked forward to spending time with it each day and still have it in my journal. Even now several months later I have flashes of the image when I need it. Katy-K clearly has access to higher consciousness and as always serves fully in every aspect knowing exactly what an individual needs to develop – thank you

    • katy

      Thank you so much Susan for your review on your ‘Healing Mandala’ by Katy-K. I loved hearing about your amazing results ❤️

  2. Raman K (verified owner)

    My Healing mandala is working great from very first day it helped me with my mental health straight away.I felt calm and less pains.l would highly recommend it to someone who has stress and anxiety issues ❤️❤

    • katy

      thank you Raman for your lovely review on my channelled healing mandala’s. I am so pleased to read about your amazing results. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review ❤️

  3. Raman (verified owner)

    Healing mandala is working great from very first day it helped me with my mental health straight away.I felt calm and less pains.l would highly recommend it to someone who has stress and anxiety issues ❤️❤️

  4. Wendy Irvine

    I highly recommend Katy-k.Katy is a Truly lovely, caring, humble and compassionate lady with so much potential and knowledge to give. If a competition was going I would vote her Pschyic of the year again. Her Modern Oracle cards talk to you and are so accurate. Especially if you need guidance. Every month she does a free mini reading,and every one I have had are accurate (spot on). She is a very busy lady but always manages to get back to you on your messages or comments. I am in the process of using a Healing Mandala that Katy has done for me. It is certainly awakening me and nourishing me to come from the Heart and guide me to enlightenment. Katy you are a Beautiful Soul a shining light for others. I have so much respect and trust in you. Love your work. Forever grateful to come across you.

    • katy

      OMG I cant thank you enough for your kind words and support Wendy. You brought a tear to my eye when I read them. I love reading about the benefits you are receiving from your Healing Mandala. Blessing to you ❤️

  5. Wendy I

    I really love my Mandalas done by Katy. I get so much out of them. They have opened up my third eye to see things in it, boosted my confidence, breathing in the colours to stimulate the chakras. They are very relaxing to gaze at just like being in a meditative state. Thank you Katy. xx

    • katy

      Wendy I am so grateful to you for your lovely review about the Healing Mandala that I channelled for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. ❤️

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