Modern Oracle Ultimate Christmas Bundle – FREE Psychic Enhancer Oil

This bundle is perfect for you!

When you purchase this bundle that includes:
The Modern Oracle deck,
The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils deck
The Modern Oracle book
you’ll receive a FREE Psychic Enhancer Oil! 

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Additional information

Weight 0.81 kg
Dimensions 40 × 41 × 23 cm

The original Modern Oracle deck
The Modern Oracle is an easy to use deck that is appropriate for all levels of experience. This vibrant deck of cards deliver a modern twist providing practical guidance and clarity in the world of today.  These cards are a great tool for developing your intuition as they feature clear textual cues as well as beautiful imagery. The Modern Oracle is for the Psychic of today and those seeking guidance.

The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils deck
The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils is an easy to use deck that is appropriate for all levels of experience and will appeal to anyone that has an interest in healing and essential oils. This vibrant deck of cards delivers easy to understand practical guidance, through the channelled messages and positive affirmations on each card. The cards are numbered for further guidance and feature beautiful imagery of the source of each oil. There are also special key words to guide, inspire and further enhance your intuitive readings. This deck is a great tool for healing and can further enhance your knowledge of essential oils, while offering guidance and information for potential healing benefits.

The Modern Oracle book – How to tap in to your unique psychic powers
In this must-read book from ‘International award-winning psychic Katy-K’, you will discover the steps to further develop your own psychic powers, how to learn to trust in your gifts, and build stronger spiritual connections. By sharing some of her psychic ‘secrets’ you will find an easy system of learning, that has produced many professional psychics, now earning an income from their gifts.

Psychic Enhancer Alchemy Oil
The Modern Oracle ‘Psychic Enhancer’ oil is available in a 10ml Roller ball applicator bottle containing a hand blended mix of essentials oils in a coconut oil base. Each bottle has been individually prepared, energetically charged and empowered with psychic crystals and the energy of many moon ceremonies. This ancient spiritual recipe has been channelled by ‘Katy-K’ and was created to assist you with your psychic development and heighten your awareness.  It can also be used for anointing in ‘Spiritual ceremonies’.