The Modern Oracle – 53 Card Deck & Guide Book

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The Modern Oracle is an easy to use deck that is appropriate for all levels of experience. This vibrant deck of cards deliver a modern twist providing practical guidance and clarity in the world of today.  These cards are a great tool for developing your intuition as they feature clear textual cues as well as beautiful imagery. The Modern Oracle is for the Psychic of today and those seeking guidance.

Katy K is an Australian born Psychic Medium and Spiritual development teacher who is Internationally trained.

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The modern oracle - 53 card deck and guidebook


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30 reviews for The Modern Oracle - 53 Card Deck & Guide Book

  1. Valerie

    The only deck I use in my spiritual practice is the Modern Oracle Deck. The words and picture combination is easy to use. I get so many intuitive hits when I use the cards. A simple one card reading gives me so much information. When I do readings for other people, they come back to me with amazing validations and confirmations. A beginner can use the the Modern Oracle cards right out of the box. All Katy’s on-line courses are extraordinary and she goes above and beyond to offer support to the student community. 10/10 would recommend.

  2. Regina

    The Modern Oracle is fantastic to use, easy to use and very positive. As a psychic, my go to deck every time. Katy-K worked extremely hard to produce a deck for use for everyone. I love it. Namaste x

  3. Maria Sten

    I have been using your modern oracle cards for about 5 months now. they are awesome. They have been spot on every time i use them as a reading /guidance for myself. I draw 5 cards for my daily reading with my intensions asking for guidance and every time the messages that come through with the cards that i choose from the deck have been spot on. I love the little booklet that comes with the deck that help explain the meaning behind the message on the card. Thank you.

  4. Carol Kelly

    I love this deck I bought it a couple years ago and am now getting back into using cards again and this is my go to deck I just love them I can read them so easy.
    I also recently purchased the physic oil and I love it not only does it smell great but it works a treat it had my third eye pinging.

  5. Petra

    Hello everyone,
    I\'d like to share my satisfaction with The modern oracle deck with you. I absolutely love them !!! Like most people I was bit sceptical in the beginning as I was using other decks but after a few attempts I decided to give it a go and get them. I\'m so glad I did because they are sooooo easy to use, they are very accurate and I love the whole design of them with the pictures. Great job Katy! Since I purchased them I have not been using anything else, truly! For those who are still hesitating I\'d definitely recommend to try them.
    Lots of love Petra

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