The Modern Oracle – 53 Card Deck & Guide Book

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The Modern Oracle is an easy to use deck that is appropriate for all levels of experience. This vibrant deck of cards deliver a modern twist providing practical guidance and clarity in the world of today.  These cards are a great tool for developing your intuition as they feature clear textual cues as well as beautiful imagery. The Modern Oracle is for the Psychic of today and those seeking guidance.

Katy K is an Australian born Psychic Medium and Spiritual development teacher who is Internationally trained.

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The modern oracle - 53 card deck and guidebook


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30 reviews for The Modern Oracle - 53 Card Deck & Guide Book

  1. Leslie Marino (verified owner)

    I just have to say how wonderful the Oracle cards are they are so amzing and the reading are so true.
    Love them so much have brought some for eachof my family.

  2. Alissa

    I attended the Newcastle psychic expo over 2 days. My sister received a accurate reading on the Friday and on the Saturday my husband and I watched Katy do a live platform reading with her oracle cards. I was impressed and purchased the cards and love them! she was also picking up info about my husband as she was signing by deck and he was blown away by how accurate she was. Don\’t waste your money on others, Katy is the real deal 🙂

  3. Nic

    The Modern Oracle is a wonderful self knowledge and development tool. I absolutely adore my deck and thoroughly recommend it to any one walking their spiritual path.

    • katy (verified owner)

      Hi Nic, thank you so much for your review of the Modern Oracle deck. wktk

  4. Sophia

    An amazing deck to work with for and level of spirituality. Get clear answers to your questions and onsite on the future. An amazing energy whilst working with the cards and very easy to hold and use. I travel for work and take them with me wherever I go. Well thought out and very insightful. I don’t know what I would do without them now. I would highly recommend these cards and I have been working with various decks of cards for many years. Very special
    – Sophia K xx

  5. Hope Mann (verified owner)

    I am really happy with my Modern Oracle deck. I have just done 3 online readings, 2 to U.S.A. and one to New South Wales using this deck. All the recipients were extremely happy with their readings and said that they helped them so much. Thank you Katy-K.

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