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Have you always felt connected to the spiritual world and wondered if you were psychic?

Do you want to know how to tap into your unique psychic powers?

It is time to begin walking your psychic path…

In this must-read book from ‘International award-winning psychic Katy-K’, you will discover the steps to further develop your own psychic powers, how to learn to trust in your gifts, and build stronger spiritual connections.

By sharing some of her psychic ‘secrets’ you will find an easy system of learning, that has produced many professional psychics, now earning an income from their gifts.

Katy-K shares parts of her own psychic journey, from shutting down as a child, to becoming a highly sought-after reader and tutor.  On her journey her inner sceptic always questioned anything that appeared to be unbelievable and would often say to her ‘Spirit Team,’ “If this is so, then prove it” and then to her amazement they did.

Katy-K is also known as ‘The Modern Oracle’ and has currently created two successful oracle decks, ‘The Modern Oracle’ and ‘The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils’.  This book is the embodiment of her own psychic abilities.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Let your exploration in the psychic world begin.

Find out more about The Modern Oracle book from the author, Katy K!


Special note regarding shipping:
The Book is shipped seperately to other products from our store. When purchasing The Book along with other products from our store you may see two shipping charges when checking out, this is to cover shipping costs.


An enchanting and inspiring novel that accompanies you on your spiritual journey. 

A captivating and inspiring story. Katy-K’s enchanting and warm nature reflects throughout her spiritual journey and educates the modern-day psychic. 

Katy-K’s warmth and uplifting energy shines throughout this beautiful memoir.

– Tiarne Todd
Musician and Publicist
I enjoyed your book so much, it was an absolute pleasure to read! It would have to be one of the best I’ve read on this subject; there seemed to be so much information that you wrote so clearly and concisely. 

So exciting that you were on the cover of the Psychics Directory, I was such a fan of that magazine and Spheres: the Spirit Guide back in the day!


– Anita Saunders
Loved it! A practical and enlightening look at how to develop your psychic skills.

Katy explains things in such an entertaining and straightforward manner that makes it a joy to read and yet be able to learn so much at the same time.

Psychic abilities or ‘Woo Woo’ not required. 😊


– Marilla Fraser
Health Worker
An amazing read that will guide many into using their psychic intuition, gifts and spiritual tools on a daily basis. It’s like finding a book of secrets and then realising that all this and more is awaiting those who tune in.


– Jules Impiccini
Educator, Writer, Novice Psychic

24 reviews for The Modern Oracle book - How to tap into your unique psychic powers

  1. Rebecca Rane

    Katy-K shares her unique & personal experience, from her earliest psychic experiences until now. This is a Great book for people wanting to develop their psychic awareness. Quite interatctive – with lessons on: how to connect with spirit, meditate, understand crystals – cleansing & use, there’s space for you to journal your experiences & so much more. You will definately learn how to access & develop your own psychic powers with Katy-K’s guidance & reassurance throughout. I loved the light and wonderful way Katy-K put forth her experiences & how she managed with the ‘mogguls’ in her world. Beautiful words, well done Katy-K, thanks for sharing & creating this wonderful book for us all.

  2. Marylene Andrews (verified owner)

    Just loved your book Katy, and have read it twice. It is so enjoyable and easy to read, down to earth and full of information. Just perfect for beginners. I wish I’d had it when I started out, as it would have answered so many questions and squashed many doubts and fears.
    Loved your personal stories, as I had often wondered how your psychic journey started and now I know😊.
    I am sure this beautiful book will give so much encouragement to many to not give up and to never stop learning.
    Thank you seems so inadequate, but it comes from the bottom of my heart💜.
    So looking forward to your next book🙏

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Marylene for your beautiful review. I really appreciate your kind words and recommendation. It is the book I wish I had been able to read all throughout my journey. Blessings to you 🙏🏻❤️

  3. Marylene Andrews (verified owner)

    Loved your book so much Katy, I have read it twice, bought one for my daughter-in-law and wish I’d had it when I started on my journey. It is the easiest, down to earth psychic book I have read, enlightening and so encouraging; perfect for beginners. I haves often wondered about how you started but never asked you, now I know🤗.

    Itching for your next one, just know it’s going to be just as interesting and amazing

  4. Lisa

    Katy K’s book was surprising and enchanting. So easy to follow and connect to. The humour in her personal journey and stories is heart-warming. I was surprised at how much I could already relate to in the book. I keep going back to it to learn more and more. Thank you for putting this out into the world Katy 💝

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Lisa. I am thrilled that you enjoyed my book…and got my humour…ha ha. I love that you keep going back to my book. 🙏🏻

  5. Lisa Murray

    Thank you for writing this book. I could not put it down. I was happily surprised at how many experiences I could relate to, that I had not noticed before. Your stories and writing were uplifting and easy to follow. It is a fantastic guide which is now helping me to connect. Looking forward to the next one 😉

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Lisa. I love reading how people can relate to my book. I truly believe it is my purpose to assist all psychics to advance on their spiritual path. I really appreciate your kind words 🙏🏻❤️

  6. Sandy Galloway

    Dear Katy-K,
    Wow! Thank you for writing The Modern Oracle Book, and providing a very relatable book for us to read, reflect and remember very similar experiences of our own.
    You write in a way that is so easily read, and takes you on your journey.
    This is a must read for anyone who is interested in the psychic world, who would like to enhance and grow their unique intuition skills.
    I read The Modern Oracle faster than any other book in the past. After reading the book in its entirety, I then went back and completed the exercises, which I will return to over time & time again.
    Cannot wait for your next book!

  7. Joyce McClure

    Hi Katy, I am so please that your book found me. After the first couple of pages I then new that someone else has had the same experiences that I have experienced in my life. You could have been writing about my life. You reinforced for me that I was not alone. I didn’t even get to start the exercise and messages had started to come through to me bang, bang ,bang just like that. I now have a journal and am trusting the accuracy of my guidance. I am forever grateful for bringing this wonderful book into my life.

  8. Taloa Walters

    Loved this incredible read! Can’t wait to travel to those beautiful, amazing, energetic chakras of Mother Earth! Wow! Thank you Kathryn Katy-k for sharing your wonderful insights, experiences and knowledge! Wonderful strategies, techniques & practical applications for empowerment, sharing and connection with everything & everyone around us! Thanks again for sharing & love to you & your beautiful family 💖🙏🥰🎉

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you Taloa for taking the time to leave this wonderful review. Much gratitude to you ❤️

  9. Jo McKenzie

    Hi Katy
    Thankyou for this beautiful book. As I was reading, I felt like I was sitting on a sofa opposite you and you were telling me your story. Loved every moment and cannot wait for the next book. Thankyou again😘😘❤️

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Jo for your lovely review. I am working on the next book now. I loved that you enjoyed reading my book ❤️

  10. Katie Elizabeth Psychic

    Thank you Katy K for writing this book.
    I loved reading about your personal journey. Its very practical to read and Its my go to book.
    I love both your cards and need a replacement deck as I use them every day on my clients. Congratulations on such a wonderful book of knowledge ❤🎉 I would love to do your courses this year🤗

    • katy (store manager)

      Hey Katie, thank you so much for reading my book. I love that you loved reading it. Thank you for using the Modern Oracle decks to enhance your clients experience. I too have worn out many decks with daily use. I look forward to you doing my courses. Blessings ❤️

  11. Wendy Irvine (store manager)

    Dearest Katy,
    You are a beautiful shining star,a unique individual. God has truly gifted You with many talents. Thanks you so much for sharing your inner journey with Honesty and coming from the Heart and soul.
    I can highly recommend Katys book(A must read).
    Katy has written this book with an open Heart to let other’s in on her Life’s experiences,challenges and adventures. It has captivated my Heart. I also love her sense of humour,to see the funny side of situations. I was very touched and moved by some of her stories.
    Katy is also very informative with sharing her knowledge, skills and teachings to also develop your own gifts and skills and to awaken your own Psychic powers. Plenty of insight for beginners.
    I found the book to be highly entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. I couldn’t wait to read the next chapter. Just couldn’t put it down. It was so easy to read. Katy knows what the reader wants.
    Katy you are a wonderful speaker and writer( not forgetting Psychic),so motivated and energetic.
    Katy you have earned my up most respect and admiration. So happy you were able to complete this wonderful book with so many other demands on your time. I hope you receive the recognition you deserve. You are an inspiration to many and a promise of great things ahead. Its thumbs up for and I can’t wait for the second book and also to complete your courses.

    “YASSOU” KATY.” I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT. 🙏💙💜 Wendy Irvine

    • katy (store manager)

      OMG! Wendy, what a wonderful review. You have really touched my heart with your heartfelt review. You have my utmost gratitude for taking the time to write such a lengthy in-depth review. I love your appreciation for my book and will work hard on my next book to get it out as soon as possible. I cant thank you enough Blessings Katy-K

  12. Kia D

    I absolutely loved this book!!! It is such a refreshing approach to exploring your psychic abilities and so easy to read, it really is hard to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed the exercises as it gives you a chance to put into practice what you are learning which makes the book that much more enjoyable 😊 thank you katy for putting so much of yourself into this book.

    • katy (store manager)

      Kia thank you so much for your lovely review. I love that you found it easy to read, that was one of my goals. I also love hearing that you found it hard to put down. ❤️

  13. Collette

    Thank you so much for the book! I started my development a few years ago and it was wonderful to be reminded of the simple things we
    Can do to connect with spirit. I also learned some new techniques that I’ve started implementing. I also loved your personal stories. With this book you can tell how genuine you are in wanting everyone to be able to tune in and have a relationship with spirit

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you Collette so much for your lovely reveiw of my book. I am so happy that you loved the personal stories. There will be even more in my next book due out later this year. ❤️

  14. Sandra Hawkes

    Dear Katy-Ky,
    Thankyou for the book!
    I enjoyed the read, your warmth, knowledge and honesty shines through the your words, you are a inspiration to all….. Thankyou, be safe,…. Sincerely sandi x

    • katy (store manager)

      Sandra thank you so much for your wonderful review. I appreciate your kind words. I am so happy that you enjoyed reading my book. ❤️

  15. Brenden

    The Modern Oracle book has empowered me in many ways! It has healing energy that radiates from the pages. It has motivated me to achieve goals that I never thought were possible. It is also a very great read with insightful information about psychic development and the practical tools to develop and enhance my psychic awareness.

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you Brenden for your amazing review. I appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to leave a review.❤️

  16. Maryann Peen

    Wow and bigger WOW…
    I got your beautiful book and can’t get enough…it got me hooked so much and certain things you stated gave me goosebump and the synchronicity was amazing…i kept reading until my eyelids are heavy but I want more…I will be keeping this book on the coffee table.
    You are one talented lady and well done, thank you for writing this book Katy-K

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Maryann for your wonderful review. I am so grateful for your kind words. Just love your review. ❤️

  17. Jodie

    Katy, Thank you for such a wonderful book. I loved it from start to finish. I now know my dog Maggie and I have a spiritual connection which I have never had with any other pet I have had even though I have had a strong bond with them. I am happy to know why I feel and have visions of certain things and I have a great understanding of it all now. I loved how you have written about and included your family, Yes I had tears and laughs with this read.

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you Jodie for your kind review, I love the photo you sent of Maggie and so do a lot of other people. Maggie is a blessing to you and I am so happy you enjoyed my book ❤️

  18. Toni Chandler

    Was so excited to receive your book in the mail, it’s so inspiring so hard to put it down can’t wait till your next book. Love your work

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you Toni for your review. I loved hearing that my book was inspiring and that you found it hard to put down. I am currently writing my next book that I hope to have out this year. ❤️

  19. Alissa Gay

    It was a no brainer to buy this book, as both her decks are awesome. I haven’t been able to put this book down, it’s easy to read and has both practical info to develop your own psychic skills but also personal stories, which is what I thoroughly enjoy reading. Congrats 🙂

    • katy (store manager)

      Aww thank you Alissa for putting your trust in me and buying my book. I am glad you enjoyed my personal stories. The next book is full of them and covers the weird and wonderful happenings when your a psychic on your path. Thank you for your lovely review. ❤️

  20. Norma J Port Macquarie (store manager)

    Hi Katy-K… I have never been an avid book reader, but I couldn’t wait to finish your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it …I smiled and shed a tear. It should certainly help people to achieve their psychic dreams. Well done! I will be looking forward to the next one. That should have some good stories. It certainly pays to follow your dreams. You are amazing.

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you Norma for your beautiful review I shed a tear reading it! ❤️

  21. Katina Argyros

    I eagerly awaited for the arrival of Katy-K’s book ‘The Modern Oracle – How to Tap Into Your Unique Psychic Powers’ and I have not been disappointed. From Katy’s personal story to the explanation of the different types of psychic abilities, the exercises and demonstrating how to develop your powers and gifts, the book is one that you won’t want to put down.
    I’d like to thank Katy for writing this book as a way of encouraging readers and showing that you are not crazy, delusional or some type of freak. Psychics have unique abilities that should be developed and nourished. Katy has done this in bucket loads.

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Katina for your lovely review. I really appreciate your feedback. ❤️

  22. Lorraine Watson

    5 stars ⭐️
    I’ve got your book & read it already. 💝
    I feel like I know you so much better now! Enjoyed reading the book sooooooo much. I didn’t want it to end 💕 amazing work!! can’t wait for the next book ❤️

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you Lorraine, I am so happy that you enjoyed reading my book and thank you for your great review ❤️ I really appreciate your support.

  23. Susan F from Currumbin

    Have just received your book 📖 and can not put it down. Just stopped for a bite to eat and then I’ll be back into it. Loving every word ❤️️ thank you! 😊

    • katy (store manager)

      OMG I loved hearing that you couldn’t put it down! Just what I was hoping to hear. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. ❤️

  24. Ramandeep Kaur

    Your book is addicting 🥰🥰 It’s very inspiring. I think I will finish in next two days. I just can’t stop reading it! 🥰

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you Ramandeep for your kind review, I really loved reading that you couldn’t stop reading my book. I am so grateful for your review ❤️

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