The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils – 53 Card Deck & Guidebook

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The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils is an easy to use deck that is appropriate for all levels of experience and will appeal to anyone that has an interest in healing and essential oils.

This vibrant deck of cards delivers easy to understand practical guidance, through the channelled messages and positive affirmations on each card. The cards are numbered for further guidance and feature beautiful imagery of the source of each oil. There are also special key words to guide, inspire and further enhance your intuitive readings.

This deck is a great tool for healing and can further enhance your knowledge of essential oils, while offering guidance and information for potential healing benefits.

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The modern oracle of essential oils by katy k

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3 reviews for The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils - 53 Card Deck & Guidebook

  1. Kate Strong

    I love these cards, I draw a card everyday, and after hearing Katy-k talk about the cards and the meanings I feel connected to them even more.

  2. Jules Impiccini (verified owner)

    Love this deck, and use them for daily guidance and to select oils to support health and wellbeing. 100% accuracy, excellent information on the oils, messages are intuitive and affirmations will change your thought patterns, each card is colour coded according to the chakras and numerology is also in play with the cards. Beautifully presented and you get to see the source of each oil. Don’t hesitate, such a beautiful tool and deck of guidance for every day use.

  3. Kati (verified owner)

    From the moment I opened this box I knew I was holding something special! These card are unique, & something I have never seen before. You can use them for a daily affirmation, chakra colour, essential oil or herb to add to your daily ritual. The messages given on each card are easy to read and understand. This is a great tool to use with clients, or to treat yourself to a daily message and affirmation for the day. I also found the cards blended well when using with the original Modern Oracle deck. Thank you Katy K for making such a beautiful deck of oracle cards. My new favourite deck of cards!

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