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Hello from Katy-K 🌻

I have found that the ‘spirit world’ can communicate with you in a variety of ways, and lately, the spirit world has been communicating with me through my iPad.

It has started changing pages randomly when my hands are nowhere near it. I could be reading a book and the page will change, I might be reading an article in the newspaper and the page will change. The interesting thing is what is changes too seems to be always relevant. It doesn’t freak me out as I am used to it and I have kept it on the down-low and you are some of the first people to hear about it.

This appears to be a new way of communicating with me and I like it. At first, I thought it might be a fault with the iPad itself or the apps I was using – but the laptop is only 6-months old and these issues weren’t confined to just one app. It was happening on the internet too.

I was looking on Amazon for a cordless phone charger and thought I had found a suitable one and the ‘page’ changed and I was all of a sudden looking at a different charger that was not only cheaper but more suitable. That is just one example. I am enjoying this extra help and hope it continues.

I was on Facebook and the page I was looking at suddenly changed to the page of someone who I had been thinking about. I had been thinking I should contact them. Here was confirmation that I should and was really glad that I did. This person was not coping and after a chat was looking at things differently.

There are many ways the spirit world can communicate, and I am open to new ways, I try not to limit myself. Generally, things change because I am not paying attention, and they really want to get my attention.

I will often think of someone and then they will make contact, and not just through me. I asked my husband the other day if he had heard from a long time friend that we hadn’t heard from for months and he said, funny thing that after not hearing from him for many months he rang today.

Don’t limit yourself to how you communicate with the spirit world and be open to trying new things.

You may notice an increasing number of coincidences in yourself as well. If that’s the case, you may want to check out my new quiz ‘How do I know if I am Psychic?’ – it’s a great place to start on your spiritual development journey.

I run through the ‘types of psychic’ – running you through the different ‘clairs’ to give you an idea of which psychic senses you may be using. I also cover some of the common ‘psychic’ signs that you may have experienced or are experiencing.

From there’s a number of online courses you can look at on your path of spiritual development.



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