Recharging in Nature 🌳


Hello from the treetops! 🌳

holidaying in Queensland amongst the tree topsYes, you got that right the treetops.  As I write this blog, I am in a small cabin that has a view of treetops, nature, no Wi-Fi, and limited phone service (see photo below).  Lucky me!

Like all of us, my ‘wings’ have been clipped.  No more overseas trips or even interstate for me and I am feeling it.  My clients are feeling it, and my family was feeling it.  With all the changes due to COVID-19 my diary changed, trips were canceled, and I found myself with extra time on my hands.

So, this last week, we (hubby and I), did a road trip to visit family in Brisbane.  Then back up to Montville for a short getaway.  No Wi-Fi and limited phone service meant no distractions, more creating, and bushwalking.  A total getaway surrounded by nature.  We make trips into the town of Montville for my hubby’s coffee fix and to re-connect with the world for a brief time.

Just as we arrived, there was a cold snap, winter had finally arrived here, and we could light the inside fire and not be too hot.  Something we don’t have, or need in our home, so a bit of a novelty.

What surprised me was that I didn’t get as much writing done as I would have liked.  Instead there was long walks, long baths, and books read. In actual fact, I was recharging and enjoying time with my hubby.

We survived, we didn’t drive each other crazy, and hopefully got a little fitter.  I had a break from doing ‘readings,’ teaching, and the problems of the world.  It was good, and it was beneficial.  As Mercury went direct and eased into the shadow period, it meant I couldn’t get into too much trouble, (you may remember from my blog a few weeks ago … Mercury is my supposed enemy!).
Most of my work is done by ‘Zoom’ (an online video-calling platform) these days and I love it.  It is safe and works just as well when doing readings.  My clients at first are unsure and then love it, as they can have their reading in their own home.  Some even admit they are still in their Pj’s with a presentable shirt covering up that little secret.  It is the new way in these uncertain times that keeps us safe.

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Wishing you an enjoyable week.

Until next week

Katy K

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Recharging in Nature 🌳

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