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Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all been well.

This last week I have been travelling through Amsterdam in the Netherlands, on the way to Barcelona in Spain.

It was so beautiful in Amsterdam – visiting historic windmills and the endless fields of tulips!

I love Barcelona and I have been busy sightseeing and really enjoyed a cable car ride from the beach to the mountain.

I visited the medieval streets in Barcelona and made friends with a lot of local dogs. Gosh, it is so lovely to see all these dogs walking their owners around the streets of Barcelona.

The buildings here are beautiful and OMG so is the food. I enjoyed sightseeing in Barcelona in one of these little yellow buggies, so much fun!

As you would see from my social media I also was blessed to visit cathedrals and the Gaudi buildings.

Did you know Gaudi was hit by a tram and died? He made such an impact on Barcelona.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the next place that I am visiting and watched a documentary about it on one of my flights. So stay tuned to find out more.

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Until next week…




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