Learning how to deal with sensitivity as a clairsentient or empath


Hello Everyone!

Did you know that empaths and clairsentients can mirror the symptoms and moods of those around them?

It really can happen, especially if you are emotionally connected to the person.

As you develop your intuitive gifts you may find that you become even more sensitive to many things.

Whenever I have a symptom or ailment it is not unusual for my husband to ask if I am picking it up from someone else that I have been around.

Clairsentients can be sensitive to many things and learning how to deal with this is

I address this situation in my new book The Modern Oracle – Becoming More Psychic – Intimate Secrets to Enhance Your Intuitive Gifts.

Happy to report that stock of my new book arrived this week and we quickly sent them out after I autographed most of them. If ever you want a special message written in your book just add it to the note section when ordering it on my website.

On a personal note, I had fun at my daughter’s baby shower last weekend.

There were games like who can put a nappy on a baby the quickest.

Baby products were wrapped up and you had to guess what they were by feeling the package and many others.

Gosh times have changed, a lot of the products were not available when my two were babies so I didn’t do so well playing that game!

It was a very lovely day celebrating my daughter and her first baby.

A delicious lunch spread – and the most beautiful cookies!

Only about a month left to go! I can’t wait!



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Matching cards in the Modern Oracle decks

Did you know that the Modern Oracle of Essentials Oils deck has a matching card in The Modern Oracle deck?

When using both decks together if a matching card is drawn from each deck, then that is the ‘Universe’ emphasising the meanings of the cards, like really trying to get the point across.

There are 53 cards in each deck and so it is very significant to randomly have matching cards appear in your reading.

Did you know that in the Mandarin/Tangerine card in the Modern Oracle of Essential Oils card matches the Be Creative card in the Modern Oracle deck?

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