Psychic Services

Katy-K offers a wide range of services including readings,
workshops, spiritual mentoring & healing treatments.


Readings are available in person, by phone or via Skype.

For phone readings you can email a photo of yourself and your family members for a detailed reading. Skype readings are done directly via Skype.

Offering wisdom and direction. Assisting you to become more decisive and empowered. And make the decisions and take the action necessary for a more fulfilling life.


Katy offers a variety of courses and workshops. They range from 1 hour to full day workshops. A list of courses and workshops on offer is available below. From time to time according to the demand different workshops will be advertised.

There is also the option to hire Katy to teach certain workshops in your area if you are prepared to provide the venue and the students. Minimum numbers of students will be required.

Spiritual Mentoring

As a mentor I will be genuinely interested in your individual growth, and get to know how your gifts work, how you work and guide you to develop your own personal style that meets your personal best interest. In doing so I will also share my experiences and insights when appropriate as well as act as a sounding board for you. As your mentor I will ask open questions, actively listen and allow you to explore your thoughts and ideas openly with me. This can allow you to unravel your thinking and gain insights, whilst sharing your concerns with me.

Healing Treatments

‘Healing Mandalas’ by Katy-K are channelled specifically for the individual to meet their needs.  They are then attuned to you and activated for you.  A ‘Healing Mandala’ can be requested for a specific problem or a general healing.  Each time you connect to your ‘Healing Mandala’ the energy is building and you are increasing the healing power.

I currently provide ‘Healing Mandalas’ to people in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.  Your ‘Healing Mandala’ can be sent to you electronically.

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