Take some time to focus on the positives & change your mindset


Focusing on the positives…

In my job I often have people come to see me when their marriage or relationship is either faltering or dying. Most times by the time they see me, it is beyond repair.

In this day and age, I am seeing this more and more and it makes me so sad. I mean, when we go into a relationship, we go in with the belief that it will last forever, (not the length of the life of a toaster) or at least a long time. Most of us invest a lot of time and energy into our relationship. We should not be focussing on the end. That is just silly as you would never totally commit to the relationship and you would always be waiting for it to end. Always focussing on the negatives instead of the positives, will cloud your perception and stop you from seeing the good stuff. When you look at the negatives you can go into a negative space emotionally. The toilet seat up and the toothpaste lid off should not be relationship killers.

relationship 4 card spread with the modern oracle

I believe that what you think you create. Your thoughts can become your goal, especially if you are always thinking about the same thing, as it is your focus. While you are focussing on the negative, you are missing out on what is happening around you and maybe even some good opportunities. Expectations that are bad do you no good. No relationship is totally easy and most relationships take work. Sometimes the smallest thing can end up being a huge annoyance.

I once had a lady come to see me and her biggest complaint about her husband was that he picked his toenails (yes, really). She was totally upset and wanted out! So I suggested that first she think about all the good things about her partner and make a list. Think about all the things that drew her to her partner in the beginning and if they were still there. If she could have truly found nothing good then the love is probably gone from her relationship. There are no perfect people out there, and sometimes when we are stressed small things can become big annoying deals.

During the various lockdown periods, we have been spending more time with our loved ones (husbands, wives, partners, family) and maybe feeling stress or strain on the relationship.

I invite you this week to take some time to write a list of all the things you love or are grateful for about your partner, or your job, or your home, whatever you are feeling disconnected from, and then see if you can see the situation through different eyes. There are no perfect people, perfection is a perception. I guarantee while you are writing all the positives you will also change your energy.

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Sending you blessings for the coming week.


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