The Modern Oracle and writing my upcoming book


Hello Fellow Psychics – Writing my book

Thank you to everyone that joined me on ‘Royale Psychic Live TV’ on Facebook last week.

It was my first time and I had so much fun. I was told that there were over 5000 viewers and I read or answered questions for 40 people. It was so lovely to be supported by you.

A couple of the stories I told during the session will be in my upcoming book, so to all of you that mentioned adding the stories to my book, I will!

Of course, I am planning more than one book. I have been writing this first book for over 10 years and now thanks to COVID-19 I am finally getting serious about getting it published.

I want to encourage you to have fun with the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks and share photos of your readings. The accuracy of the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks never fails to astound me. Check out the cards below that were drawn when I asked the question…

“What do I need to know to finish my book?”

Well, the answer could not have been more accurate and direct. Talk about a blunt message … I need to work with it on my computer and have confidence in the message I am sharing in my book. (I also know that I need to email parts of it for editing … ha ha). It is also good to know that my Angels are guiding me as well as blessing my book.

Some of you may already know that we are currently running a competition this month with some great prizes. One of the prizes is a free 45 minute reading with me (online of course so that we social distance).

Join us in having some fun and posting your photos of the Modern Oracle at work just like I did above. You can use either of the ‘Modern Oracle’ Decks or even both.

Further details on the competition are below. (Competition now closed)

Sending you blessings for the coming week.


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