This month is all about Magenta – learn more inside!


Hi Everyone!

February is my birthday month and to celebrate my birthday we have lots of amazing offers for you!

For this month only, we will be giving away a crystal heart with every order of the Modern Oracle deck and the Modern Oracle of Essential Oils deck.

In last week’s newsletter, I wrote about how and why I keep one of these crystal hearts with my deck in its box.

Each order will have a crystal chosen at random 💖

As I mentioned in my newsletter last week, we have a number of specials and promotions during the month, but make sure you keep an eye on my birthday; Valentine’s Day, as we are planning an extra special surprise for you.


Last Thursday evening we recommenced my ‘Everything Modern Oracle’ psychic development class. It was so good to see everyone again and of course, I digressed and taught many other topics.

They had fun with the “spiritual awareness’ spread and loved the mini-readings they each received. Nearly two hours later the students were still wanting to power on and learn more. You can join in with this online class at any time, but I do restrict the numbers so that I can give one on one attention to each student.

We still have a couple of spots left if you are serious about your psychic development and wish to join us. Sign up here


I had a lot of fun yesterday on my Facebook live which was all about relationships.

If you missed the live feed, you can watch a replay on my Facebook page or Youtube page.

As part of birthday month, this week, The Modern Oracle Relationship Spread is on sale!

My Relationship Spread is a way for you to get the answers on the relationships in your life – whether they are romantic, friendships, family, or business/work relationships.

Use the special discount code LOVE14 at the checkout you will receive a discount of 14%.

The usual price is $29, but with this offer, you will get it for $24.94

Check it out here!

Wishing you all good health.

Blessings to you.


February is…

Magenta is all about transformation and change and this month you may start to see some changes taking place.

There will be opportunities to dive into your business or personal life and transform areas of it. Look to re-imbed good things that have fallen by the wayside like returning to the gym, fixing your diet, and moving forward and investigating what works for you.

Some of you will see lots of shake-ups and find yourself transitioning into new things.

Here is some more about Magenta.

  • Magenta is made up of 2 parts red and 1 part blue
  • The colour of beauty, love, and transformation
  • Magenta is redolent of compassion, support and kindness and is associated with feelings of self-respect and contentment
  • Magenta brings in transformational energy and therefore it is the right time for you to allow transition, transformation and change to come about
  • A good month for making changes
  • Magenta works on your aura, it’s the eighth chakra, the ‘Soul Star’ chakra and it keeps all the akashic records (our soul’s blueprint). The 8th chakra is connected to our higher self and represents our direct connection to soul and spirit
  • This is a month where we can transform ourselves into what we really want to be. We can transform our relationships, and our environment to become the change we want to see in the world
Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

Rose Quartz

I like to keep a large heart-shaped rose quartz crystal in the bottom of my dog’s water bowl.

Rose quartz is known to boost feelings of peace and calm and may be helpful for dogs or cats with anxiety.

It is suggested that rose quartz emits vibrations of love harmony and peace.

Please ensure that the piece of Rose quartz is large enough to not be ingested by your pet.

Crystal hearts are symbols of pure love.

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