Visit me at Adelaide Body Mind Psychic Expo THIS WEEKEND


Hello Everyone!

Hello from Adelaide!

This weekend I am in Adelaide and I am excited to have a stand at the Body Mind Psychic Expo. So If you are in Adelaide, come and say hello!

You can visit me at size 97, where I will be doing psychic readings and have all my Modern Oracle products available to purchase.

PLUS! On Sunday 26th May at 12midday, I will be giving a 30-min demonstration of The Modern Oracle deck, speaking about how you can become more psychic and giving out free mini-readings using The Modern Oracle cards!

I have had a very busy week, unpacking after a quick trip to Brisbane to see my family and of course my gorgeous granddaughter Sophia who is now 14 months old. Where did the time go?

Well as delightful as she is, she is also exhausting! I keep thinking about how easier it was when I was younger, and we didn’t have all the gadgets that they have these days to keep babies entertained and cared for.

One of the things I love to do with Sophia is dance to music.

I have done this since she was a wee babe. In this photo, we are dancing and the banana is looking like a microphone.

I am often asked the following question, “How can I develop my intuitive gifts faster?” or “What should I be doing to become more psychic?”

There are a few things that come immediately to mind, but one that I find relevant is getting to know your energy.

Why? Because when connecting energetically if you know how your energy feels then you will recognise when you are connecting to other energies.

Connecting to your Spirit Guides is important and once you establish your starting energy you can then recognise the change in energy. If you want a way to facilitate this I have many meditations available at my online learning platform that you can access to assist you with developing your intuitive gifts and powers.

“Meeting Your Spirit Guides” meditation is available for only $10 – plus use the code LEARNMORE at checkout and get 10% off!

Check out a review below! And don’t forget, leave a review of any of my online courses and meditations until 2nd June and you could go in the draw to win – scroll for more details!!

Until next week…Wishing you good health and happiness




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