What does the upcoming ‘Red month’ mean for you?


Hello Everyone!

I am working at the Conscious Life Festival at Venue 114 Sportsman Parade Bokarina, Sunshine Coast this weekend and if you are in the area come and check it out.

I will be working in the reader’s section if you would like a reading with me. I have the Modern Oracle books and decks with me if you wish to purchase any.

Last weekend I had a lot of fun and was very busy at the Brisbane MBS Festival.

Thank you to all that came to see me and my wonderful friends that helped on my stand.


Are you a Healer?

There are many people that are amazing healers and I have found that no two healers are the same and many use their healing gifts in different ways.

Having a reading is also a form of healing. Having a reading with a Medium can help to assist the grieving process. Having a psychic reading can help put you back on the right track, and assurance to enable you to move forward.

Some people are medical mediums and specialise in assisting people with their health. There are many forms of healing and many healers have their own unique way of healing.

I have a chapter about healing in my new book ‘The Modern Oracle – Becoming More Psychic – Intimate Secrets to Enhance Your Intuitive Gifts’ Available here.

Next weekend, Saturday 11th of March 2023 I will be at the Maryborough Energy & Wellbeing Expo.

Similar to previous years, I will have a stand and be doing readings. Pre-book your reading via email ktkacademy@gmail.com

I will also have my Modern Oracle products available for sale, including my new book!

For those of you in the area I hope to see you!

Wishing you good health and happiness
Until next week…




Psychic Reading Facts & Tips

Did you know that time is difficult to predict as your actions can change the timeline and outcome?

The psychic can also be the cause of the outcome changing. If someone asks me if they will pass their exams, I am very wary of my answer because if I was to say yes then they might think that they don’t need to keep studying because they know they are going to pass.

Can you see what I mean?

Did you know that the Modern Oracle of Essentials Oils deck has a matching card in The Modern Oracle deck?

When using both decks together if a matching card is drawn from each deck, then that is the ‘Universe’ emphasising the meanings of the cards, like really trying to get the point across.

There are 53 cards in each deck and so it is very significant to randomly have matching cards appear in your reading.

Did you know that the ‘Ylang Ylang’ card in the Modern Oracle of Essential Oils card matches the ‘Children’ card in the Modern Oracle deck?

March is…
  • This month it is important to look after yourself and lead by example
  • A red month is a powerful month that can be a little too intense for some. You will need to stay grounded in the intense red energy
  • Red is the colour of passion and focus, and therefore a good month to start new projects. To adopt new behaviours and habits to improve your lifestyle
  • You may find yourself challenged in your personal relationships in the area of communication, as a red month can bring out the fire and passion in people
  • Hidden information will come out as people will be determined to expose the truth and justice
  • For some it will be an exciting time with opportunities for new experiences
  • A good month for those looking for romance or more romance in their relationship. Find time for romance and passion to enhance your relationship.
  • A time of motivation and energy that can bring about the finishing of projects and the energy to start new ones.
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