Seek clarity and read with confidence using The Modern Oracle deck

Learn directly from the creator of The Modern Oracle Deck to seek guidance and answers to your questions about your day to day life!

4 self guided modules, spiritual development, clarity & guidance

Learn about each of the 53 cards from Katy-K

Discover the psychic rules and learn which ones you should never break

Master the unique Modern Oracle spread that was specially created for this deck by Katy-K


Explore the 6 main areas of a reading

Introduction to The Modern Oracle

Let Katy K teach you about her deck!

Introduction to The Modern Oracle is an online self-guided course to assist you to connect your talents and gifts, using a specially channeled tool (The Modern Oracle deck), to enable you to read with confidence and accuracy, and get the answers you seek!

Katy-K’s teaching style will assist you to learn without feeling the need to memorise pages of text.  After learning from Katy most students no longer need to refer to the accompanying little book that comes with the deck.

The Modern Oracle deck is tried and tested, works with virtually any reading spread and reader ability – from beginners to professionals! This course gives you an intro to study each of the 53 cards, from the creator’s viewpoint.

The cards are modern, direct and relate to every day life and the questions you seek. Katy-K teaches in this course in a manner that makes it easy to learn. Video modules also allow you to work at your own pace.

Katy-K is passionate about The Modern Oracle and teaching spiritual development to allow you to access your psychic gifts. Over a 5 year period, Katy channeled this deck from the ‘Divine’ and tested it on clients in professional readings to prove the accuracy of the deck. Katy has been a spiritual teacher and mentor for over 20 years and has taught a large number of students who have gone on to become professional psychic readers. Katy has a large client base throughout Australia and the around the world, including conducting readings for celebrities and other professional readers. She’s the Psychic’s Psychic!

Learn more about The Modern Oracle Deck in 4 easy modules

Module 1 – Psychic Development

Learn the features of The Modern Oracle Deck, guided meditation, psychic rules, psychic protection and clearing energy.

Module 2 – Preparing for a reading

How to cleanse and bless your deck, journaling, explore the 6 main areas of a reading, learn Katy’s special connection prayer, understanding the timing and people cards.

Module 3 – A Closer look at The Modern Oracle Deck

Explore all 53 cards in The Modern Oracle Deck and their individual meanings.

Module 4 - Putting it all together – Conducting a reading

Master the unique Modern Oracle card spread and explore other reading spreads with Katy-K.


Preparing your space for a Reading

A tour of Katy-K’s reading space, how to prepare your reading space for professional readings, Q&A with Katy-K about the Introduction to The Modern Oracle Deck – filmed in Hawaii!

Are you ready to become a professional reader?

One easy to master course to help you find clarity and give professional readings with confidence.

About Katy-K and The Modern Oracle

katy k psychic best-selling author

Katy is an Australian-born psychic medium, a descendant of a long line of Psychics and Mediums on both sides of the family tree.

For over 20 years , she has been a psychic reader, tutor and mentor to clients throughout Australia and all over the world, including celebrities and other professional readers.

She is always on the path of constant and never ending spiritual advancement and discovering new ways to ignite that passion in others. She has travelled the world extensively and attended workshops and colleges to learn from some of the best psychics, medium and tutors. She brings this knowledge back to you, to help you learn, grow and develop your spiritual gifts.

Everybody needs some advice or guidance at some stage of their life.

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This course is for you if…


You want to learn from the creator of the deck


You want to gather special insights into the deck


You want to work faster and with great accuracy


You want to read with confidence


You want to start earning money from your readings


You want a powerful tool in the palm of your hand

What’s included in the course?


Psychic Development


Preparing for a reading


A Closer look at The Modern Oracle


Putting it all together – Conducting a reading

PDFs that accompany each of the modules


Guided meditation audio

Over 80 Videos that guide you through the course

53 PDFs for you to journal about each card


53 videos featuring each card in The Modern Oracle

plus a BONUS Invitation to join our Private Student Facebook community

Come together and share your experience with The Modern Oracle and practice readings and receive readings from other students in a safe space!  (This Private Facebook community is exclusive and ‘invitation only’ to students of this course and students of the Tutors Training course)

How much does this course cost?

If you are ready to take the next step in your professional reading career, sign up today!

Seek Clarity and read with confidence using The Modern Oracle deck


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A ‘one to one’ 1 hour personal Mentoring session with Katy-K the creator of the deck, via skype/phone. (That is a further saving of $100).


Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start?
This course is instant access, start learning today!
How long does it take to finish?
This course is a self guided program, work at your own pace!
I have been a reader for a while, will I find this course too basic?
No, this is a unique deck and the only way to learn from the creator is though this course. We never stop learning, even a professional reader will find something new and interesting in this course.
What can I do after I finish this course?
This course will allow you to take what you have learned and go out there and get reading! Help others seek clarity and direction.

There are opportunities to complete further courses to become a Modern Oracle Tutor and complete Modern Oracle Masterclasses as well as other psychic development tools and courses.

Do I need to be Psychic to do this course?

We all have Psychic gifts and it is just a matter of accessing them.  Sometimes if no one else in the family appears to have them or use them, you may assume you don’t.   So have a go.   Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  You will surprise yourself!