The Modern Oracle – 53 Card Deck & Guide Book

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The Modern Oracle is an easy to use deck that is appropriate for all levels of experience. This vibrant deck of cards deliver a modern twist providing practical guidance and clarity in the world of today.  These cards are a great tool for developing your intuition as they feature clear textual cues as well as beautiful imagery. The Modern Oracle is for the Psychic of today and those seeking guidance.

Katy K is an Australian born Psychic Medium and Spiritual development teacher who is Internationally trained.

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48 reviews for The Modern Oracle - 53 Card Deck & Guide Book

  1. Michele Tocci (verified owner)

    This is my first ever Oracle Card Deck, I am amazed by its accuracy and I feel like it knows me too well. Plus it is absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful for the thought put into this incredible card deck and guide book.

  2. Lynne Gullifa (verified owner)

    Love the modern oracle

  3. Tanya

    My everyday go to Oracle Deck. Easy to use with a straightforward message. Gifted by a friend who moved to QLD, when we use to catch up for a ‘Cuppa & Cards’ this is the deck we would use 💓💫🤍

  4. Colleen Zambelli

    Over the years I’ve tried many decks and have been so frustrated how complex they are to use. The Modern Oracle however was a revelation in its clear simplicity. Each card provides so much more information beyond its initial presentation, allowing one to hone specific revelation to each individual. Katy’s cards have provided a bridge to the spirit realm that becomes stronger with each reading, it still blows me away when I get that connection. Perfect for the beginner. I just love them 🥰

  5. Kat

    The Modern Oracle deck is fantastic and super easy to use. You don’t need previous experience to use them, as they are very accurate and straightforward.
    The cards will give you the information that you need.

    Such a lovely way to start the day and get loving guidance from you guides and angels.

  6. Jenny Jones

    Well I do have to say I have over 180 decks some I use, but I love them for different reasons but Katy’s are just about the best I have used, so easy and spot on. I recommend them for experts and first timers. Even if you don’t want to read for others you can get daily help and guidance for your self. Thanks Katy can’t wait for my new decks to arrive.

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Jenny Jones for your review on The Modern Oracle deck. I really appreciate you taking the time to write it.🙏🏻 I am thrilled that out of 180 decks that you think mine is the best. Woo Hoo. ❤️

  7. Emma Skoczylas (verified owner)

    I have many decks to choose from when I do readings. Both the Modern Oracle and the Essential Oil deck are always in my handbag because they are two of my “go to” decks.

    I have never given a reading from these decks that people don’t say “Wow! That really resonates!”.

    In fact I had both of these decks and managed to misplace them so I bought another set. They are incredible cards and I find them so easy to interpret. Just use your preferred spread along with your intuition and you can only give a wonderful reading.

    Thank you Katy-K!

  8. Emma Skoczylas (verified owner)

    I have many decks to choose from when I do readings. Both the Modern Oracle and the Essential Oil deck are always in my handbag because they are two of my “go-to” decks.

    I have never given a reading from these decks that people don’t say “Wow! That really resonates!”.

    In fact, I had both of these decks and managed to misplace them so I bought another set. They are incredible cards and I find them so easy to interpret. Just use your preferred spread along with your intuition and you can only give a wonderful reading.

    Thank you Katy-K!

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Emma for your amazing review. I just love that you love the Modern Oracle decks. ❤️

  9. Mandi Louise

    A very easy to use deck, so many levels to each card, even if you pulled the same cards for 2 people (highly unlikely) the meanings would be different. Have never met a deck like it. It’s my go to.

  10. Mandi louise

    A very easy deck to use, very self explanatory and even if you pulled the same cards for 2 people (highly unlikely) you would get a different reading, each card has so many layers and the layer needed for your reading will stand out. Amazing deck, it’s my go to, I have never met a deck quite like it.

  11. Faye Louise Cass (verified owner)

    I am thoroughly over the moon today as The modern Oracle Deck i ordered had arrived! It is just beautiful. I first came across your deck weeks & weeks ago through following an Australian psychic medium and saw her using this wonderful deck. I spent weeks trying to find it and finally I did.
    Delivery was fantastic, I am from the UK. Everything arrived beautifully packaged with a lovely note on from Katy Thank you. I have used this deck twice already today for readings and it is very, very in-tune. Beautiful energy flowing through the cards and it shows in the way it reads. Thank you so much I truly appreciate such a wonderful deck.

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much Faye for your lovely review, I am so happy that you were diligent in tracking the Modern Oracle deck down. ❤️

  12. Mrs P Taylor

    I purchase this lovely ladies very first deck love them, i wished i could have afforded the new one, but unfortunately things happen and finances crash, pleased i got my first deck and was able to have this lovely lady as a friend, do buy these if your a card reader, great to start you off with, thank you Katy-k 💕💖💞

    • katy (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your lovely review. I do hope you are able to afford my second deck soon and that your finances improve.❤️

  13. Angela Hayden (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my new deck, it’s beautifully designed and the words written on the images make it so easy to interpret the messages. Great deck for a beginner like me, lots to learn, but i am so excited. Thank you so much Katy-K for posting them to Ireland for me, much appreciated xxx

  14. carola

    I have both Decks and they work together so beautifully, love both desks, they give you the answer your seeking ,and when working with Aromatherapy the best Deck as it helps you what oil you need and the affirmation are such great help
    The 2 deckscrealy complement each other, and big hugs blessing

  15. Jodie

    I absolutely love The Modern Oracle Essential Oil Cards. I use them almost everyday with my oils, it helps me to pick my oils that resonates with me for the day 🙏

  16. Brenden

    The Modern Oracle deck is always spot on and gets straight to point with its guidance.

  17. Yasmina E

    I have been using your Modern Oracle Cards since December. They are very uplifting and encouraging. KTK you have inspired me to continue to pursue your online courses to improve my life. Thanks, KTK you are an amazing awesome lady. 🙂

  18. Valerie

    The only deck I use in my spiritual practice is the Modern Oracle Deck. The words and picture combination is easy to use. I get so many intuitive hits when I use the cards. A simple one card reading gives me so much information. When I do readings for other people, they come back to me with amazing validations and confirmations. A beginner can use the the Modern Oracle cards right out of the box. All Katy’s on-line courses are extraordinary and she goes above and beyond to offer support to the student community. 10/10 would recommend.

  19. Megan Wallis

    Love these! Super easy and straight forward to understand. Wonderful option for a beginner to oracle cards. You’ll find it hard to want to use a different oracle deck once you use these 💜

  20. Regina (store manager)

    The Modern Oracle is fantastic to use, easy to use and very positive. As a psychic, my go to deck every time. Katy-K worked extremely hard to produce a deck for use for everyone. I love it. Namaste x

  21. Maria Sten

    I have been using your modern oracle cards for about 5 months now. they are awesome. They have been spot on every time i use them as a reading /guidance for myself. I draw 5 cards for my daily reading with my intensions asking for guidance and every time the messages that come through with the cards that i choose from the deck have been spot on. I love the little booklet that comes with the deck that help explain the meaning behind the message on the card. Thank you.

  22. Carol Kelly

    I love this deck I bought it a couple years ago and am now getting back into using cards again and this is my go to deck I just love them I can read them so easy.
    I also recently purchased the physic oil and I love it not only does it smell great but it works a treat it had my third eye pinging.

  23. Petra

    Hello everyone,
    I\'d like to share my satisfaction with The modern oracle deck with you. I absolutely love them !!! Like most people I was bit sceptical in the beginning as I was using other decks but after a few attempts I decided to give it a go and get them. I\'m so glad I did because they are sooooo easy to use, they are very accurate and I love the whole design of them with the pictures. Great job Katy! Since I purchased them I have not been using anything else, truly! For those who are still hesitating I\'d definitely recommend to try them.
    Lots of love Petra

  24. Leslie Marino (verified owner)

    I just have to say how wonderful the Oracle cards are they are so amzing and the reading are so true.
    Love them so much have brought some for eachof my family.

  25. Alissa

    I attended the Newcastle psychic expo over 2 days. My sister received a accurate reading on the Friday and on the Saturday my husband and I watched Katy do a live platform reading with her oracle cards. I was impressed and purchased the cards and love them! she was also picking up info about my husband as she was signing by deck and he was blown away by how accurate she was. Don\’t waste your money on others, Katy is the real deal 🙂

  26. Nic

    The Modern Oracle is a wonderful self knowledge and development tool. I absolutely adore my deck and thoroughly recommend it to any one walking their spiritual path.

    • katy (store manager)

      Hi Nic, thank you so much for your review of the Modern Oracle deck. wktk

  27. Sophia

    An amazing deck to work with for and level of spirituality. Get clear answers to your questions and onsite on the future. An amazing energy whilst working with the cards and very easy to hold and use. I travel for work and take them with me wherever I go. Well thought out and very insightful. I don’t know what I would do without them now. I would highly recommend these cards and I have been working with various decks of cards for many years. Very special
    – Sophia K xx

  28. Hope Mann (verified owner)

    I am really happy with my Modern Oracle deck. I have just done 3 online readings, 2 to U.S.A. and one to New South Wales using this deck. All the recipients were extremely happy with their readings and said that they helped them so much. Thank you Katy-K.

  29. Regina (verified owner)

    I am so thrilled with my Modern Oracle Deck. Finally I have found the perfect deck for me. After years of searching and buying decks that werent quite me this deck is brilliant. Easy to use. And the brilliantly designed box makes use of this deck even easier to use. This is without a doubt the last deck I will ever purchase. Congratulations to Katy-K on her wonderful oracle deck.

  30. MariaK (verified owner)

    Kathryn, The Modern Oracle is amazing, the energy is free following. Beautifully presented. I loved your Katy-K Crystal Ball on the back of the cards, a personal touch and the idea of the opening Blessing and Prayer card too. You have thought of everything when designing these Cards
    I used The Modern Oracle for the first time without really connecting with them. I was blown away and amazed how spot on The Modern Oracle are. The Modern Oracle are just perfect to find the answers to clients questions. I must add, my Clients also commented on how beautiful and accurate The Modern Oracle were…Congratulations Katy-K

  31. Tricia Marr (verified owner)

    Was so excited to recieve my cards and couldn’t wait to connect with them what I didn’t expect was to have to share them with the love my life who at times can be a bit sceptical I now have to wait my turn until he finishes we both love these cards. Thanks Katy live and light xxx

  32. Morag Macleod (verified owner)

    The Modern Oracle is, first of all, truly modern, and therefore relates to our current times.
    The cards are truly accurate in their ability to speak to all possible life situations. They are individually complex and the cards work together beautifully.
    Many of the cards include timings, so that one can get a sense of how a situation may unfold.
    The size is brilliant, smaller than others, and fits in the hand nicely. The box, with it’s magnetic catch, is great for carrying around in a handbag.
    I am so enthusiastic about the Modern Oracle, for personal use and to use as a tool in my psychic or mediumistic work.

  33. Pat Barlow (store manager)

    “The Modern Oracle’ are great cards, very well done, so easy to use and understand I used the for a reading a couple of days ago and they also proved accurate as my client rang me the following day to confirm that their prediction proved true!! Well done Kathryn Katy-k for designing these xxx” Taya, Chester, UK

  34. Bronwyn Thomas

    I love using these cards. They are beautiful to hold, just the right small size to fit easily in your hand and do a tidy shuffle. Love the special gold edge too. They are talking to you before you look at them! Nicely illustrated and extremely accurate…that’s why I felt I should write a few comments. Well done Katy you can feel the love that went into making them.
    Bron, Mackay.

  35. Des

    Really comfortable using the modern oracle deck – very intuitive, the answers pretty much jump out at you. Workshop I attended was really good – just after we’d been on cyclone alert in Hervey Bay so the collective energy was really high – contributed to a great learning experience. Great stuff Katy – really appreciate the time, energy and effort you have put into designing the deck and making it happen 🙂

  36. Kellie (verified owner)

    Thank you for this beautiful “The Modern Oracle” deck. I love it. Great size cards, lovely pictures with accurate messages every time.

  37. Regina (verified owner)

    I was so excited to get my hands on Katy-K’s new Oracle Cards. I have been a student for some years and I congratulate Katy-K for intoducing the easiest set of cards. From the easy opening magnetic box to the card on how to prepare yourself to do a reading. The cards are so easy to use and so simple to understand and evaluate. The cards are also a great size to shuffle as some decks are too big. I am so thrilled for Katy-K and wish her all the success in the world. I am in awe of how fantastic she is at what she does and so proud of her. Love and light Gorgeous. xxx

  38. Stephen Webster

    I’ve just started to read cards. My sister gave me “The Modern Oracle”. I am astounded how easy they are to hold, to use and beautiful they to look at! I love using them and carry them everywhere.
    Thank you Katy-K

  39. Cheryl Winbank

    Your cards are beautiful we are are so proud of you oxoxoxo

  40. Kaitlyn Moore

    Dear Kathryn, I recently received your Modern Oracle deck cards and they are truly a masterpiece. I love their gold edging and clear pictures . They are also combined with messages that give the most clarity to any question asked of the deck. I carry them with me everywhere & refer to them all the time. They are a true extension of yourself, Katy-K, beautiful, clear, honest & and a gift to us all. Congratulations on creating your own deck and allowing your spirit to shine.

  41. Linet Amalie

    Kathryn Katy-k. I just had a friend use them and do a reading for me (she has undeveloped talents) to prove she could do a genuine heart felt reading using your cards. They were spot on. We did the blessing to start with and she commented that she felt Spirit automatically surround her as she said the words. You are on a winner with these cards. Pleas use this as a recommendation. She was absolutely blown away at their accuracy. She now knows she has to start her psychic development. Thank you once again L

  42. Sarah Yip

    Katy-K is someone I trust and I love her integrity and professionalism. Her Oracle Cards are just brilliant. They are easy to use, the right size for shuffling and help you to produce incredibly accurate messages. Well done Katy-K and see you again soon!!

  43. Julianne

    Love the magnetic, wrap around box, the size of the cards and the absolute intention behind each image and phrase. The cards consist of modern images that really magnify the sense and meaning of each card. Every time I pick them up, shuffle through, I am constantly drawn to select cards. The cards are quite specific and speak to the heart of the matter.

  44. Tracee

    Your Modern Oracle cards are amazing, I\’ve done several readings in the past week and they are absolutely spot on. I love the way they tell the story, no need to use another deck for clarification or confirmation. You are just so clever. xx

  45. Sue (verified owner)

    I love the new Modern Oracle Deck! The cards are the perfect size for shuffling, the images are beautiful and the words written on the images make it so easy for you to interpret the messages. You can use the deck to form sentences, use as a ‘timeline’ of past/present/future or just to guide you or the person you are reading for. This deck is so straightforward and so simple to use, it is easy for beginners and also for experienced readers. I totally recommend this deck, I love it!

  46. Julie-Ann

    Finally I have a set of Oracle cards that I can shuffle! The deck is the perfect size for me to handle and the glossy cards don’t stick together like they do in other decks. The gold edging sets it apart as a quality deck and the images are gorgeous and so easy to interpret. The pictures are supported by words so you can either do a reading by picture, by words or by both. The words also offer options for interpretation so you can use your intuition and also make sentences out of a spread, using the relevant card meaning for the question asked. The cards themselves are deceptively simple to use – it makes a great deck for a beginner but it is also a very insightful pack for someone with more experience. It is now my deck of choice. I LOVE it.

  47. Jennifer (store manager)

    Amazing deck of oracle cards. Beautiful, high quality finish, perfect size to shuffle in your hands but still large enough to showcase the beautiful imagery and clear text. Luxurious gold edges and sturdy box to house them in. A must have item!

  48. Leela Williams

    A special delivery today! I got to see Katy-k’s gorgeous new deck ‘The Modern Oracle’ before she did, so I’ve given them the once over. It is obvious that a ‘reader’ created this deck. The cards are the perfect size for shuffling and fit easily into your hand, the sturdy box and magnetic seal will keep them safe between festivals, and there are key words on the cards as prompts. Plus, they gave me a really nice message. My three cards: Wishes, Study and Innovation. Thanks Katy!

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