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Hello from Katy K

Another week in self-isolation! Now I don’t mean to state the obvious, well I suppose I just did. Here is another obvious statement … Life, as we know it, has changed and will never be the same again!

In some way, all of our lives have changed. Some good changes, but at this stage a lot of uncomfortable changes. My life has changed greatly but a predominant change for me is, the loss of freedom.

The freedom to just get in my car and take off. The freedom to go anywhere and touch things without worrying about contamination. The freedom to visit my family and friends. The freedom to travel, which I used to do a lot of. The freedom to be able to give someone a hug! Yes, a hug. We all need one at some time. Hugs are healing. Hugs are compassion and can bring comfort. As an empath, I often encounter people that need a hug. With the social distancing rule that no longer happens.

In these very different times, it is important that we don’t lose our sense of ‘self’. Yes, our environment is changing, and to some extent, we have to change, but it is important to remain true to ourselves.

A lot of us are finding new ways of doing things, of surviving. We can see the physical changes, but remember there are mental changes as well. For me, it has never been more important to do exercise.

This week I am planning to get my bike out of the shed and start riding it. Exercise is healing for the mind. Bike riding has always given me a sense of freedom, feeling the air rush against my face (when I go downhills) and this could be the main way I get to have freedom at the moment.

Kind words are important, especially when there are a lot of angry people in these uncertain and difficult times. We can help others with compassion and kind words. Taking the time to listen to others is helpful too. As ‘lightworkers’ we are drawn to helping others. Which brings me to this quote I found today.



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