Did you know July is a Blue month?



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Hello from Katy-K

I am loving Bali. The place we are staying at is amazing and close to the beach and popular restaurants. The people over here are so lovely and friendly.

I am loving Bali.

The place we are staying at is amazing and close to the beach and popular restaurants.

The people over here are so lovely and friendly.

Pictured are some of the new friends I have made in Bali, they are somewhat unusual.

I’ve been trying some of the interesting native fruits while in Beli and overindulging in lots of delicious food, so to offset it, I have been working out in the hotel gym every few days.

During one of my workouts, I felt the urge to take a photo to see what would come up as I felt a change in energy.

At first, I thought I was just exhausted.

Then I took a closer look at the photo and saw why.

Can you see it?

What do you think?

Grandbaby Update 

Baby Sophia has learned how to drop her bottom lip and it is so cute.

She is also giving out gummy smiles. 


  • Blue is the colour of truth, integrity, and communication
  • As blue is a healing colour, try to wear the colour blue this month
  • In a blue month, the truth can be unveiled. It is important to work with truth and integrity, or you might find out that this is the month that you will get caught out.
  • The truth can be and most likely will be revealed this month
  • If you communicate with truth and integrity, you will see things move forward in leaps and bounds
  • Others might also choose to be more candid with you, and sometimes the truth hurts!
  • Situations that have been stressing you will start to calm down
  • Blue is a cooling colour, so fiery situations could ‘cool’ down, especially if you communicate effectively
  • Some of you might be feeling a little low or depressed (feeling blue). If you are feeling down and overwhelmed wear red to uplift you and give you energy or orange to improve your self-confidence or work with red and orange crystals

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Some pursue happiness, others create it. 
There are people who go on an adventurous quest to find happiness like it’s some mystical treasure.

But then there are other people who are like the crafty creators of happiness they just roll up their sleeves, grab their glitter glue and make happiness for themselves as if they are like the happiness architects building their own joy from scratch.

So, whether you’re an explorer or a builder, the message is clear happiness is out there waiting for you to pursue or create it!

Wishing you good health and happiness.
Until next week…

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