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Hello from Katy-K

Hello Beautiful Lightworkers 💙

This week I left beautiful Bali and traveled to Singapore.

My Bali experience was enjoyable and I will look forward to returning. The people in Bali are always lovely, friendly, and eager to assist and I have enjoyed my time relaxing and healing.

If you have read my books you will know that I believe that spiritual energy centers can be located anywhere and not necessarily in the advertised spots.

You will know when you are at one, and when you are meant to be there to receive an energy upgrade, you may experience some sort of delay that keeps you in that spot for the duration of the upgrade. During my time in Bali, I had many such experiences.

As usual, we hired a motor scooter to get around on, but this time we didn’t have to deal with corrupt police or people pretending to be police pulling us over and demanding money for driving past an advertising sign (bogus reasons), as we experienced on past trips. Apparently, there is less of that with the new government and it wasn’t in the area where we stayed.

I bought a local data-only SIM card at the Bali airport when I arrived which allowed me to communicate via WhatsApp and Messenger but my hubby had the best deal with a Belong SIM card which meant he could keep his phone number and it only cost him an extra $30 for 2 weeks on his usual plan. 

It rained the last few days we were in Bali which gave us even more reason to relax and do some holiday reading.

As you read this I am on a cruise traveling from Singapore to Malaysia.

It’s been a lovely trip and I will be back in Oz later this week when we will be able to catch up with our family and our beautiful little Sophia.

Gosh, I am such a lovesick grandmother!

As you may know, from viewing my social media pages, I love positive affirmations and endeavour to post one every day. Recently, I felt the need to declutter, and I removed all the affirmations that were very special to me that had been on the wall next to my desk for years. I thought I would share why they made it onto my office wall.

I am now choosing to live a life of action rather than one of reaction. I am powerfully creating my life.
I don’t know who the author of this affirmation is but it spoke to me when I felt like everything in my life was getting too chaotic.

My interpretation of it is that instead of just sitting back and reacting to whatever happens, you need to take charge! Choose to live a life of action, instead of waiting around for things to happen. If you want something, then make it happen!

Be the author of your own destiny and create the magic you desire.

It’s always wonderful hearing or reading your feedback on readings you have had with me. Whether they be at expos, or over Zoom. Thank you Wendy for your kind words. 

If you have had a reading with me, I would appreciate if you took a minute to leave a short testimonial on my website (Click here)

Wishing you good health and happiness.
Until next week…

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Matching cards in
The Modern Oracle decks

Did you know that the Modern Oracle of Essentials Oils deck has a matching card in The Modern Oracle deck?

When using both decks together, if a matching card is drawn from each deck, then that is the ‘Universe’ emphasising the cards' meanings, like really trying to get the point across.

There are 53 cards in each deck, so it is very significant to have matching cards appear in your reading randomly.

Did you know that the ‘Clary Sage’ card in the Modern Oracle of Essential Oils card matches the ‘Intuition’ card in the Modern Oracle deck?


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For many years now, I have been on a path of constant and never-ending spiritual advancement. The desire for knowledge to get me to the next level and beyond spiritually has seen me traveling extensively to different parts of the globe.

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