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Hello Everyone!

Thank you to everyone that came to see me in Adelaide.

It was a good expo, and I certainly was busy with every reading time slot booked out and in some cases, even my breaks were booked out to keep up with the demand!

Mercury in Retrograde let me feel its presence with flight delays, mixed-up communications, and a router in the hotel room that had to be replaced. Keeps it all interesting, but I could do without it.

Is Mercury in Retrograde kicking your butt too?

Two times when I have purchased something online, I have received a follow-up email the next day advising me that there was a ‘computer glitch’ and they won’t be able to provide the items as they are no longer in stock. These are big companies that I am dealing with and would never expect to encounter that situation. On the bright side, I found some missing keys. When Mercury is in Retrograde it is a good time to find lost items.

PS: You can learn how to become a ‘Master’ of MIR in my mini course!

The theme for this month is ‘psychic tools’ and I will be focussing on the different tools you can use to do your readings that can assist you to connect spiritually.

One of the best tools is to keep learning to improve your connection skills.

On Tuesday 7th June at 9 am AEST (Queensland time) I will be teaching an online class called ‘How to become more psychic’.

The company hosting the class is in Canada and they invited me to teach on their platform. I am excited to be doing so!

Anyone can sign up to do this class all you have to do is sign up for the class at this link. SIGN UP HERE

My Facebook live will be on Saturday 18th June at 4 pm AEST.

Come join me to learn more about pendulums and of course for free guidance.

If you want to get started on learning about pendulums, check out my course ‘Pendulum Magic’

Wishing you an enjoyable week,


June is…

We welcome the ‘yellow’ energy this month and the information below may assist you
make the most of and benefit from the yellow energy.

June is a YELLOW month

  • The colour of clarity, information, and digestion
  • Yellow is an uplifting, bright, and cheerful colour
  • Yellow is the colour of fun, so bring your inner child out and be creative
  • Yellow is about learning, so a good month to start a new course or take on new studies
  • A good colour for launching a new idea or project, and putting plans into action
  • A good month to people network
  • An analytical colour so be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too much information or spend too much time in your head or be over critical as it will be easy to become overwhelmed. When this happens counterbalance it with the colour violet or purple. You might like to wear some amethyst.
Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

Choosing a pendulum

cosmic pendulums

  • When choosing a pendulum ask the pendulum if it would like to work with you – hint you want the pendulum to say ‘yes’
  • Ensure that your pendulum is correctly centered where it is attached to the chain so that the pendulum is balanced.
  • Ensure that the pendulum is symmetrical and not lopsided
  • Once you have made your selection, test the pendulum before purchasing
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30min Online Reading via Zoom ($100)

45min Online Reading via Zoom ($150)

I’m honoured and grateful to have been chosen to be on the cover of the 2020 International Psychics Directory.

Collect your copy from me at any Expo or Festival – or check out the website for the digital version.

International Psychics Directory

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