How do you know if you’re CLAIRSENTIENT? Open to find out!


Hello Everyone!

Spring is here after our unusually warmer winter in this part of the world. Now, I am not complaining, but I feel like I missed out on winter. I got so excited about Spring that I started my spring cleaning early and started de-cluttering around the house.

It was a good opportunity to do so, as my hubby was away visiting his parents. For those of you who know me well, I am hypermobile due to a connective tissue disorder, so I am known for being clumsy. Well, you can guess how that went; I fell off a small stepladder and ended up with many bruises and a sore back.

Now I have a mess looking at me while I wait for my back to heal. The good news is that after some physio, I am on the mend.

Exciting news!!!! 

This week I am launching a FREE mini-quiz course called …

 ‘Am I clairsentient?’

So many of you have done my ‘Am I Psychic?” free mini-quiz (check it out if you haven’t already), but as you know there are so many types of psychic and medium abilities, so I would often get questions about how people know if they are those types.

They’re referred to as ‘the clairs-“, hence, my new quiz ‘Am I clairsentient?’

This mini quiz is 100% free and in it I explain what it means if you are a Clairsentient and how it can present in people. Then you take the quiz to see which of some of the common signs you may have experienced or are experiencing and finally, I guide you through a couple of clairaudient exercises.

It’s short and sweet but full of great information about being clairsentient to help you on your journey!

Check it out today – it’s on the front page of my learning platform – or just click the link below!


More exciting news!!!!

In next week’s newsletter, I will be providing a Zoom link for you to join me live for a FREE one-hour Zoom session that is all about being Clairsentient!

The FREE Zoom Lesson will be next Saturday, 9th September 2023, at 2 pm AEST – so make sure you pop it in your diaries!

You can join from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer).

The 1-hour session will be all about being Clairsentient. This exciting session will assist you if you are clairsentient, think you are clairsentient, or want to develop this ability further.

If you have a friend who might like to join me, advise them to sign up for my newsletter at my website 

How are you all surviving Mercury being in Retrograde?

As I said in my recent Facebook Live (which is also live on my YouTube channel each time), I seem to be dealing with it better, and while I may not like what happens, I look for better situations whenever I get delayed or blocked and accept what I can’t control or change.

If you’re after some further assistance, check out my ‘Mastering MIR’ mini-course!



In the last two weekly newsletters, I wrote how in numerology, the number of vowels in your name reveals secrets and covered the meanings of if you have four or five vowels in your full name. This week I will cover the meaning of if you have three vowels in your name, and yes you need to include your entire name (include any middle names and your surname).

Three – is the vowel number of those who enjoy the good things in life and may even overindulge. Learning how to communicate effectively can be their challenge.

They sometimes feel that they can easily be misunderstood, although poor communication is often the culprit. Due to their tendencies to be direct (blunt), they can be natural teachers.

Wishing you good health and happiness
Until next week…




September is…

September is a VIOLET month

  • Violet is the colour of inspired ideas. Many of you may find yourself coming up with lots of ideas and thoughts that you wish to act on
  • For those of you who have good counselling skills, you may need to use them more this month. People can be quite intense and challenging in a violet month
  • You will need a lot of tact and empathy to prevent ‘blow ups’ when communicating as the colour violet contains the red and blue energies
  • A good month for meditation, especially if you connect through the violet energy. It is easier to get a lot of information from your meditations
  • There will be lots of channelled information coming through 
  • The violet energy will enable you to receive messages at a higher spiritual level as well as raise your vibration
  • Many of you may find yourself dreaming more, be sure to have a pen and paper beside your bed to write down your dreams before you forget them. Take note of any inspiration and ideas that come to you
  • A good time to study to gain wisdom so you can make improvements
  • Some of you may have issues around health
  • A good time to reap the benefits of using lavender essential oil to ensure peace and calm and wearing or working with Amethyst
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