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Hello Everyone!

The post-shadow period of Mercury in Retrograde is now finished!
Phew … I survived another Mercury in Retrograde season. On the positive side, I did finish off a few unfinished projects.

Today is the last day that you can download for free my mini online course

‘Am I Clairsentient?”

Take the quiz & find out if you are Clairsentient and then get started on your psychic journey with my ’30 Day Psychic’ course!

This FREE mini-course quiz also contains common signs of being Clairsentient and I guide you through some Clairsentient ‘exercises’!

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Exciting news!

Next week, I will launch another FREE mini online course and quiz called

‘Am I Clairaudient?’

This course will only be free in the month of October. and I will also be holding a FREE one-hour Zoom session called ‘Am I Clairaudient?

In the session, we will have fun exploring everything Clairaudient. I hope you will join me! The Clairaudient Zoom session will be held on Saturday 14th October – so mark it in your diary!

Check out next week’s newsletter for more information and the Zoom Link!

I love to teach and I do so to make things easier for people.

Yes, it is good to have mystery, but there is nothing more frustrating than trying to learn something the hard way from someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, or a teacher who tries to hold you back.

On my journey, I have had those experiences and don’t want you to have to go through them. I want to be able to say that I helped you to improve, to be better, to move forward in a positive way.

This is why I write my books and why I am doing the mini online courses and the Zoom sessions where you can interact with me while learning, no matter what level you are on.


In recent weekly newsletters, I wrote about how, in numerology, the number of vowels in your name reveals secrets. This week, I will cover the meaning of if you have eight vowels in your name, and yes, you need to include your entire name (include any middle names and your surname).

Eight – is the vowel number of those who tend to have a more conventional nature. They are good at managing people and can be power seekers. Many are good financially and love money, but some love spending it more. Their challenge is accumulating their earnings and not letting their financial gains slip through their fingers. Their creativity can lead to amazing side hustles and business ideas.

Wishing you good health and happiness
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Psychic Reading Facts & Tips

Another 3 Signs That You Have Clairsentient Abilities

  • You often receive messages or guidance through your feelings or intuition 
  • You can feel the presence of spirits or entities
  • You can sense the energy of objects, places, or photographs

Learn more about Clairsentient Abilities in my book ‘How to Tap into Your Unique Psychic Powers!”

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