✨ The Modern Oracle book is done – time to celebrate!!


Hey Everyone!

What a week!

Last week I finally handed in my book manuscript for editing. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I finally finished writing. I reached my word allowance and I thought, ‘there is so much more that I want to share!’ Then my confidence started to wane, had I done enough? The very thought that can bring a perfectionist down, and the very reasons why this book has been on hold for 10 years.

Once I started pulling the chapters together, I found that I practically had to re-write the book as I found that I have evolved and had many more experiences over the last ten years!

So, I invited a few people to have a sneak preview, as well as people to read the entire book. The consensus was that they all loved my book, which was very encouraging. Phew, it was lovely to hear their feedback and take away the unnecessary self-doubt.

Right now, you can buy my book at the never to be seen again ‘pre-launch’ price of $19.95 and save yourself $10.

katy k's the modern oracle book



Pre-order for only $19.95 with $5 postage.

Order at

tinyurl.com/TMO- KTK

The surprise of the week was that I was nominated for a ‘CARTA’ award in the category of ‘Aspiring Debut Author’ for ‘The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils’ deck. I was so excited!

Only 5 people per category were nominated out of thousands of entries. To win I need to get lots and lots of votes, and I am up against some very stiff competition. Today is the last day to vote, and I would really appreciate your support by voting for me. A very big thank you to everyone who has already voted and shared my post. You are amazing!

Final Day to Vote!

Voting is simple, visit their website, choose the ‘Aspiring Debut Author of a Deck 2020’ category and fill in the voting form at the bottom of the page! All you need is an email address 😄

➡️ Vote online


Now back to everything I put on hold and to start thinking about Christmas shopping.

Wishing you all a happy week.

Sending you Blessings


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✨ The Modern Oracle book is done – time to celebrate!!

Hey Everyone!What a week! Last week I finally handed in my book manuscript for editing. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I finally finished...


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