Katy-K’s Top 10 3-Card Reading Spreads!


Hello Fellow Psychics

I launched my newest course, My Top 10 3-Card Reading Spreads last week and it’s always a little nerve-wracking launching a new course but wow, thank you for the support! Who would have thought, this course would be so popular? I mean I know I love 3 card readings, and I produced this online course to share information on my top 10 ways, and now it appears a lot of others love 3 card readings as well.

Why do I love 3 card readings? I want quick, accurate, direct answers. No mucking around and with the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks, this can be achieved so easily.

Katy-K's top 10 3-card reading spreads

When I created the ‘Top 10 Ways to Read 3 cards’ course, it was for the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks, as the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks are what I call ‘complete’ decks, and the only decks I like to work with. With the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks, you don’t need to use other ‘tools’ at the same time. No more combining lots of different decks to do the best reading. The ‘Modern Oracle’ decks are ‘working’ decks, designed to carry with you and have available, on hand at all times, for whenever you need guidance.

These decks are working so well for so many and they can work for you too. How do I know that? Well, so far this has been a 10-year project for me to date. I took 5 years to create my first ‘Modern Oracle’ deck so that it would be perfect and work accurately. It was tested for 3 of those years before production and it has been another five years since “The Modern Oracle’ was launched.

Last month we invited you to leave reviews on the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks and I can’t thank you enough for all your kind, genuine words. It is so encouraging to know that so many of you love the ‘Modern Oracle’ decks.

With this new online course, I share with you some of the easiest ways (but not the only way) to work with these decks. So check it out now at my online learning platform. Only $59 for a course that can take your readings to another level.

Of course, these 3 card readings can be used with other decks, so I hope you enjoy this invaluable knowledge. Here are some of the early reviews we’ve received about this course.

“You have changed the way I do my readings….for good” ….. Sue

‘Who knew there were so many ways to work with three cards and you make it so easy to learn’ ….. Kelsey

“I had so much fun with this course and find myself becoming more confident” … Annie

“I just love your courses, you make everything so much easier” ….. Rachael

✨✨ Check it out – Top 10 3-Card Reading Spreads 

You may have noticed that I am sharing more posts of my ‘grand doggies’ on my Facebook and Instagram. I have been blessed to spend the last couple of weeks with my adult children and their pets and I am so grateful. There is never a dull moment and they bring so much joy to my life. In this case, a change was as good as a holiday.

Blessings to you all.
Wishing you an enjoyable week & stay safe!



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Katy-K’s Top 10 3-Card Reading Spreads!

I launched my newest course, My Top 10 3-Card Reading Spreads last week and it’s always a little nerve-wracking launching a new course but wow, thank you for the support!

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